⚠ Too Late To Buy Cardano? ⚠ | ADA Price Prediction With Cheeky Crypto

In this Cardano cryptocurrency video we take a look at the ADA crypto and answer the question “Is It Too Late To Buy Cardano?”. We take a look at the ADA price the daily chart, 4 hour chart and 1 hour chart, we give our short term ADA price predictions and share our thoughts on Cardano. What are your ADA price predictions? Let us know in the comments.

00:00 Intro
02:05 Cardano Staking Pool
04:12 ADA Technical Analysis – Overview
06:30 ADA Technical Analysis – Daily Chart
07:56 ADA Technical Analysis – 4 Hour Chart
09:31 ADA Technical Analysis – 1 Hour Chart
11:06 ADA Technical Analysis – Summary
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  1. At this point forward it will not make you rich. All those pushing this trash bought in extremely early and cheap. A few dollar price will make them millionaires. You will not get that return now. They want you to buy it so they can cash out. Ada's ceiling even after "mooning" is too low for newcomers.

  2. I don’t know who needs to hear this, you’ve got to stop saving money. Invest some part of it, if you really want

    financial freedom.

  3. Well Ada can easily reach 2 usd by the end of March, perhaps more. So it's not too late for people wondering. It's a great project (the best among crypto's actually) if we don't just look at the price prediction.

  4. Cant believe you guys.. you advice to invest on an asset that is on a down trend, at resistance? what is wrong with you, I love the project but it was pumped in the worst way possible with Bird whispering BS, as we know today. There is a reason why is not listed in Coinbase, cardado if full of unfulfilled promises, they still have a long way to smart contracts… so what the hell are you guys talking about…

  5. These click bait titles are seriously annoying. Too late to buy cardano ? While it hasn't even reached its ath yet and has the potential to easily be hitting $5 at the end of this year. ridiculous title.

  6. The thing is to buy low, sell high.. In Cardano's case.. It might be buying high but SELL NEVER.. It is so undervalued right now.

    And also I got a big bag of DIVI.. I Bought it at .03 cents but in a few years' time when we are way above the golden Bullrun my investment will be worth a handsome amount. The project has a lot of growth potential.. 101 percent sure growth this year…

  7. Cardano is a interesting project, but what about VeChain? they are using blockchain to real world problems, it's gonna be huge also ¿Don't you think?

  8. In ways, it's great it's not on Coinbase yet because typically once it's there it's made it. If you want better gains, do the extra effort and get it beforehand.

  9. Hi I tried to stake my ADA with you guys, using atomic wallet. When I paste the pool ID, its reads invalid pool ID. Any suggestions. Thanks for the video

  10. Stake and hold!!!!! The more we hold the more less supply there will be and the demand is gonna shoot through the roof once the world finally catches on to Cardano.

  11. Hey guys, i had a question about staking ada. If i increase my staked amount that is already in a pool will i have to wait the 20 day waiting period for rewards again? Or will it simply adjust to the increased amount of ada.

  12. AdA is certainly way under valued. Big players pump and dump the garbage for as long as they can. The profits will eventually move into AdA.

  13. Too late ? Look at this worm Cardano you'll be rich with it in 2050 😓 and if it grows i have all the time to enter my position so don't hurry let ADA give prooves cuz so less progress since 2017 for the moment it's a real shitcoin (and a made x1500 on 2020 not thx to ADA or course)

  14. when you talk about "i still buy ada in the dips" what do you mean with that? the daily lowest price or? what is a good price/dip for you to consider?

  15. Okay, just got into crypto this year. Have been in the markets, just about all of them (commodities, fx, options, stocks, bonds, futures, blah, blah, blah) since 1990. Crypto has tons of weak hands in crappy positions. This is the recipe for pleasure/pain maximums. Classic sell the rips and buy the dips. ADA should always be measured against its peers in DOT and ETH with BTC as an overall crypto market barometer. Good luck to all. KEEP PERSPECTIVE AND STAY BALANCED.

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