10 Clubs Who Sold Their STAR And Got BETTER!

10 Clubs Who Sold Their STAR And Got BETTER!

In today’s top ten, we’re bringing you a list of clubs that sold their best player, but became a better side in the seasons that followed.

Both Milan clubs feature, with Inter winning the treble after Zlatan Ibrahimovic left and AC getting their hands on a Scudetto after Kaka left for a world record fee. Lille have made a habit of selling top players but always challenging at the right end of Ligue 1, whilst Sporting sold Bruno Fernandes but might win their first title in 18 years this season. Napoli kept getting stronger despite selling Gonzalo Higuain to the only team in Italy better than them, and Atletico Madrid have basically had a revolving door of world class strikers since 2005.

In the Premier League, Arsenal put up a title challenge after Thierry Henry left, whilst Ruud van Nistelrooy’s departure from Manchester United paved the way for Cristiano Ronaldo to become the leading man at Old Trafford. There’s also Leicester, who in recent years have sold both Riyad Mahrez and Harry Maguire, yet are on course for their best league finish since their Champion season in 2015/16, and Liverpool have Philippe Coutinho to thank for their recent successes. Turns out £105M can contribute to a lot of new talent.



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  1. A better example for Napoli is when they sold Lavezzi and Cavani and used that money to buy Mertens, Callejon, Pepe Reina, Jorghino, Ghoulam, Higuain, and Albiol. With Koulibaly coming in the following season too.

  2. As an Arsenal fan, I don’t ever want to hear about 07/08. That season was so heartbreaking especially since the quality of football was insane and deserved a trophy to crown it all of. Eduardo’s injury still kills me to this day 😭😭

  3. I've always had it difficult to believe that Liverpool bought VVD and the others with the Coutinho money, not only because Liverpool bought VVD first and then Coutinho left, but because even during those times, Liverpool transfer windows had been relatively quiet, which means Liverpool didn't need to sell anybody to bring those players… Just like when we won the Champions League, a lot of revenue but, who did we bring the next transfer window/s? a couple of cheap nobodies (for the future, as they are called).

  4. Inter Milan could be twice in this list if you count the one when they sold Icardi 2 years ago as well, even tho they still won nothing in 2019/2020 season, reaching europe league final and 2nd place on table are still way better achievement considering how terrible they were in the last 8 years, and now it will prove better if they win the league this season..

  5. Dougie yes i know ur watching this its Gonçalves yes pronnunced Gonsalves not Gonzalez hes Portuguese not Spaniard in case u dont known its famalicao not famalisao read better their names instead of making comments about them

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