3 Shocking Revelations From Wizkid's "Soundman" Vol. 1 EP

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On Gusto Trends, we take a critical look at The Wizkid/Starboy EP ‘Soundman’ EP and we take out 3 talking points that are quite shocking to us.

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  1. Agbayas, So he can’t work with other producers to boost them, if he didn’t work with them, same you will say he is not helping young talents and now he does, you saying he didn’t use sarz and legendary. Mind you SoundMan is an Ep, so wait for madeinlagos

  2. It is so true😍😍. He took his time but the others were nice songs but I understand it well!! WizKid na master we don’t know. He is quiet so we are with everything

  3. You guys should be banned!! Both of u should stop talking about wiz, ur shocking revelations should shock you. Stop talking about stuffs you know nothing about

  4. This video is very wrong. Wizkid this, wizkid that, Wizkid everywhere.
    Wizkid shines on. "No go say Dem say when Dem no ask you"

  5. U guys should do research b4 coming here to talk.Terri is not the owner of that song.Terri was feature.wiz jus drop the EP nd his main album is on the way.

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