ABS SHOW | Tiwa Savage fights Victoria | Oral sex is a MUST ! | Nurses swapped 5 thousand babies

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  1. You guys are hosts, but need to be more responsible with your comments. When someone is working hard on their craft and successful they are going to have haters and false rumors going around. You should be careful when you defame someone’s character without proof just for fear of being wrong. Words are like an egg, once it drops you can’t assemble it back. One day you’ll be successful too, I hope people don’t loosely sit around and falsely discredit you. Your show is usually interesting because your gist have receipts, but today’s episode was a disappointment

  2. Hahahaa, sharp mouth is a kind of abuse too. If your man does not talk much and you attack him with your acidic mouth, you are abusing

  3. I think it's so wrong that you're criticising Ttiwa, when you don't know the truth. Tiwa Savage could have NEVER EVER EVER gotten to where she is by doing things with men, because she has the support of her fans. Kimani, doesn't have the hits or the fans, so how can she even get deals to perform at shows. You have to think of these things. No one wants to pay for a person that has 1 or 2 hit songs to come and perform and the truthis, the people that don't get booked are those. Ttiwa Savage has worked extremely hard to get to where she is and no one can convince me otherwise. Didn't she win best African Act over Davido? You wnat to tell me this is by doing THINGS,NOOO, because she has fans and she has blown. Tiwa Savage doen't pull down women, not a all. It is the jealous people that always come out with the empiest threats. Tiwa SAVAGE!! Don't be faced by hatters, cause a lot of them will come!

  4. One of your hosts is very biased,he is not being neutral as a host should be,the guy wearing a head gear is so unprofessional he clearly is misguided on everything,we know he is team tiwa but he should also understand that when other artists talk they have inside information,let him not defend her as if he is being paid…we have alot of evidence and receipts to back all this complains…stay awake tiwa iss a scam.

  5. I like the energy …..great show but sometimes several of them all talk at the same time……they need to keep the noise level down…..otherwise its all good.

  6. The picture is this. While Tiwa is undisputed No 1 female singer in Nigeria , Yemi Alade is bigger in most of the African countries. And Yemi is really desperate to be accepted at home like Tiwa. This is part of the problem Yemi has with Tiwa.

  7. Come on y’all!!!! Tiwa has been in the game for over 20 years! She’s sang backup for Elton John and even Mary J. Blige. It’s insulting to suggest that the only way she’s making is by sucking 🍆 not because of the work she’s put in for the last 20 years.

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