Abusive Relationship X DAVIDO & CHIOMA Mock Burna Boy FEM | Nengi & Ozo

Abusive Relationship X DAVIDO & CHIOMA Mock Burna Boy FEM | Nengi & Ozo. #davido #chioma #burnaboy

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  1. My brother you got it ' people can imagine what can't ever happen'

    His brother said Davido and Chioma are together, he was off social networks to enable him concentrate for his album.

  2. Diss is healthy for the music business they will come and drink behind our back. They will party behind our back and show media that they are dissing

  3. I'm just here to say Peruzzi is sooo fooinnne😂❤ Anyways, its so sad he killed the poor woman, may God protect us from crazy people.

  4. Burna was stupid. If someone's father bought the football team but the person is scoring goals and even the highest goal scorer, would he say the person does not know how to play? Davido has more hits than any African artist. He does not get the respect he deserves

  5. Davido didn't break that record because he advertised his music. Even I have his advert twice in my phone. Barna boy is hero

  6. And the structure of the pastor looks a murder but because everyone is asking you for a man to marry you end up marring yo death.

  7. This is brought up by people who mock in unmarried girls as if marriage is gold married people are crying like crazy but when they get out they teeth as if every thing is okay presenting to be fine but they are dying inside

  8. Lol🤣. I like you coz you Dey use the title attract views and you Dey cautious with Wetin you Dey talk about Davido. If I get funds I go send you. You Dey try and I know say small small you go big up. Now back to facts, first of all, Nigerians didn’t speculate about Chioma and davido because of perruzi, that’s a fake news claim from perruzi’ ex manager/label boss. Nigerians felt Chioma and davido was having issues because rumor has it that david cheated on Chioma and as a result of that, she pushed him and he got hurt. Well it’s rumor or even if it’s true, we all know she will go back because he’s rich (adeleke), a star and also a father of her child that she love. Now for the music side, it’s no surprise David broke record for YouTube, because he has not posted for 3 months, everyone is expected to hear what he has to say about burna boy coz people love drama, he even went live on YouTube (something I don’t think wizkid will ever do or even brodashaggi 😂), also davido has more YouTube followers than burna, Infact all davido’s artist are all using his YouTube because they can’t have theirs. Check and you will know I’m right about everything. The song is lit but overhyped because Lagos hate to admit burna is better than davido. Yoruba can’t accept the fact that a port harcourt boy is leading. Burna don’t need davido to tell him he’s good. He already had the respect from wizkid and also foreign artist. He knows he’s better and you know too. Plus for burna who came from nothing, bound from the UK until 2018, for him to be compared to davido shows he has leveled up. So what’s stopping him from going twice as tall. His talent got him there not money. He never bought any songs unlike davido. Burna boy has covers to other songs, something only he and wizkid does. So how can davido call him and wiz greatest of all time. Even added no cap. When burna has the highest stream last year, more than David and wiz together, he won bet award back to back without stress. He’s the best runner up for Grammy this year. So how is David and wiz the greatest of all time. That’s like calling lewandoski greatest of all time without world best recognition. I know you twist words for views, I understand, it’s the hustle. But I like you.

  9. Adam i have never commented on ur channel but I watch back to back. Adam our men come here and become Lions and when women go eccentric then its like we Africans women come here and become stupid. its not in all situations, just to protect her marriage she didnt call the cops…now she is dead and gone..no error of this can be corrected. He shot her 7 times ..ohh how sad 😥

  10. My opinion is that even you should stop insinuating things to geese up fan attack on burna boy, except if you have been paid (cash or in kind). This song like any other some about success and the things that comes with it plus people with big egos deal with it in a unique way and any other artist in Davido's class have done songs like this. He didn't even mention burna boy in the song, so what is really the merit to all this clout? Probably YouTubers are getting alot if play and the views are good. Its all about money.

  11. Greetings..Happy Sunday, So so true a pastor saying this to his wife what kind of man of God is this Hypocrite and Fake, Thou Shalt Not Kill. My Condolences 🙏🏽🕊Get out of these abusive relationship report them you can it’s not worth losing your life. It’s sad, but true some people do stay, and some do leave and the results has consequences. It’s a double edge sword…sad but true Thanks Adamslink for the update and happenings, TC, stay safe 😍NYC

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