Adult Sapphire Dragon Premium Figure – WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms Prepainted Minis

Review of WizKids’ Icons of the Realms Adult Sapphire Dragon premium prepainted miniature. Click “Show More” for timestamps, corrections, and other links.
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Thank you to @WizKidsGames for sending us this preview copy!

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Turntable view of packaging
0:30 Origin of the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons sapphire dragon stat block in the Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set from Wizards of the Coast
1:00 Adult Sapphire Dragon
1:31 Discussion of psionics in gem dragons and D&D 5e
2:00 Adult Sapphire Dragon compared with other minis such as medium-sized figures from Icons of the Realms, the Tiamat premium figure from Tyranny of Dragons, and the upcoming Adult White Dragon
2:19 “Floating” pieces on the dragon
2:32 The sapphire dragon on WizKids WarLock Tiles and Dwarven Forge battle maps for scale
3:40 Contents of the sapphire dragon 5e stat block and how to buy it on D&D Beyond
3:59 Alternate takes on gem dragons for 5th edition D&D in Matt Colville’s Strongholds & Followers book
4:26 Conclusions
5:01 The Big Bad Booklet is a monthly series of unique boss monsters in a booklet format complete with plot hooks, lair actions, and more! Check out July 2020’s Big Bad, King Bllrk, a sentient gelatinous cube with a taste for the finer things in life and an army of chefs at his disposal. Reserve your copy today at!

Psionics Unearthed Arcana playtest:
Gem Dragons in Matt Colville’s Strongholds & Followers:
Sapphire Dragon stat block purchase on D&D Beyond:
WizKids product page for the Adult Sapphire Dragon:
Find a local game store to order WizKids products:
WizKids online shop:

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  1. When I first watched this video, I tought "This thing seems soo easy to break"…
    Then I told myself, that it only looks like that, because it's a "gem" dragon.

    Now that I can hold it in my hand, my first tought is "This thing seems soo easy to break"… :/
    That "rock" on the bottom is absolutely unnecessary, and way too heavy. Just drop this thing once accidentally, and something will surely break off… Plus it seems to me, that once you assemble the figure, you can't remove the wing, and the figure won't fit in it's box anymore. I'll just put it back in the box now without assembling it even once. ๐Ÿ™

    The design of the figure is wonderful, but the quality of it is disappointing.

  2. Why do they keep making miniatures that aren't the correct size? Drives me nuts…. I mean it's meant to be used along side the adventure right? It's pretty but not display pretty so that leaves it's usefulness to be used in game. So make it the correct size please!

  3. It makes Tiamat look smaller! It's like Tiamat one day says "the dragn on that cave doesn't wnat to join my army because he/she is neutral? that lizard is not going to say no to ME!" the Tiamat goes to the cave, roars and the dragon gets out of the cave and shouts "WHO'S BARKING OUTSIDE MY CAVE?!!!" and Tiamat is like "… sorry to distrub you mafnificent one, one of my heads is sick, but we're leaving now" jaja.. Great video.

  4. Thanks for the video, great as always!
    After seeing your closeups, I find myself being disappointed with this one. Still getting it, but I really wish its body didn't look as "watery", and not so "gemmy". I don't think the printed stars were a good design choice, nor the wide wings. Lots of strange design choices here, in my opinion.

  5. just wanted to say thanks for all of your openings…keeps me at my lgs to make sure i order these items. its funny i past on getting the original colossal red dragon because it was so expensive but now i know i have to get these as they come out.

  6. The size of this thing is mind blowing (psyonic pun intended ) when the stat block was released for this I knew I had to include it some how in my home game. I probably wont get this mini but it sure is impressive

  7. Like the wings and head but not a fan of the star paint on the body.
    Would have preferred the body be faceted instead of smooth, believe they were like that in 3rd edition iirc.

  8. Ill get one. I like it, it looks great.

    My only complaint is that the dragon is looking sideways instead of forward, whatever that means. Most of new wizkids minis All seem to have poses favoring the sides instead if front.

    About time you posted this video๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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