Adult White Dragon Premium Figure – WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms Prepainted Minis

Review of WizKids’ Icons of the Realms Adult White Dragon premium prepainted miniature. Click “Show More” for timestamps, corrections, and other links.
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Thank you to @WizKidsGames for sending us this preview copy!

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Turntable view of packaging
0:45 Adult White Dragon
1:08 Dragon sizing
1:19 Clear base on this figure and base sizing for the new dragons
1:48 Adult White Dragon compared to other dragon miniatures from WizKids
2:19 Lore on white dragons
2:53 Adult White Dragon on WarLock Tiles and Dwarven Forge battle map terrain for scale
3:28 (Audio) Notable white dragons in D&D lore and adventures
4:07 Upcoming gargantuan ancient white dragon mini
4:18 Conclusions
5:05 The Big Bad Booklet is a monthly series of unique boss monsters in a booklet format complete with plot hooks, lair actions, and more! Check out July 2020’s Big Bad, King Bllrk, a sentient gelatinous cube with a taste for the finer things in life and an army of chefs at his disposal. Reserve your copy today at!

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  1. Can't wait to see an actual size Tiamat…. she looks too small via the current model, do you think there is hope for a better representation of the almighty Tiamat?

  2. They should make the dragons psuh fit with their wings to reduce packiging size, especially if this one is going to to be one of the smaller ones

  3. Thanks for the review/showing these newer Dragons are going to be great new additions, I just bought Tiamat and Bahamut for normal pricing from Wizkids, cannot imagine how awesome they will be at this scale ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice miniature! The side view matches the Roll20 icon of the white dragon I noticed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like how you organized the video into sections!

  5. theres no topping the 3.5e minis. i have the ancient red, blue, black, white dragons, and the only thing i want from wizkids at the moment is a gargantuan green dragon to complete the set.
    i dont even want anything else, only the green.
    after that, a 10×10 base tiamat "mini" would be the big finisher for me.

  6. Iโ€™ll admit. If at 1:10 you removed the blue, and dracolich from the line up, and inserted the new gargantuan white at the end, Iโ€™d be inclined to believe the size progression is more believable. It seems clear that if you want good looking dragons, that you can actually store you need to stick to pathfinder dragons. The black and red were just beautiful minis

  7. I like these, and understand that they can't announce a cheaper unpainted variety into the maw of launching the premium version, but I won't be purchasing any painted versions of these. If they offer a substantially reduced price option for the painting hobbyist, I'll get them all. The same goes for the gargantuan ancients series.

  8. I like how they handled the base size inconsistencies with that inner circle.

    Lol but did you fail to note how this โ€œhugeโ€ mini is larger then the gargantuan?

    I love these recent dragons, but the scales have been off, this is clearly a gargantuan. If it was in the ground it wouldnt even come close to fitting just its body in the 3×3(huge) space

    The Ancient gargantuan are really going to be Colossal ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š soooo happy

  9. I want them all! All of the dragons! All of them!

    But food first, bills second, everything else can come after. Especially with everything that's going on right now. Curse being a responsible adult!

    But seriously, thank you for the vid, Theo. While I understand some people's consternation at the base sizes, I personally would much rather have a mini that stays upright than one that'll tip over with a slight breeze. Plus the wider base allows for more dynamic posing; I wouldn't want to see all that beautiful sculpt just curled up into a ball or something to fit a smaller base.

    Thanks again for the video, and stay safe!

  10. Nice but way to big. Not very convince in this size contest. I have d argent of reaper bones and it is too big beautiful but big heavy. So if it was a huge dragon the rule should be it fit on a huge base. But of course beautiful mini and nice presentation Thanks

  11. Super cool mini but grossly oversized. This thing couldn't fit in a 3×3 square if it tried so why pretend it's a hugh, 3×3, creature?

  12. Does anyone else feel like wizards are going to regret making the Dragons. This watch honestly itโ€™s pretty goddamn crazy how big that making them

  13. Hey Theo, great miniature. Tons of detail, would love to have this miniature. White dragons have always been a favorite. Gargantuan Ancient White Dragon, dont know which is bigger. The name or the actual miniature.

    Thanks Theo & have a wonderful day.

  14. My group has a "high-risk" member, so we wont be gathering in person until there's a reliable vaccine, but I am so excited for these dragons. There's nothing better than everyone being used to nothing larger than a large mini, then plopping down one of the gargantuan (or the colossal red) dragons from the 3rd ed era . This one's sculpt is much more action packed than those. So, until then, once I get my hands on this, he'll sit above my computer and keep company with the other dragons.

  15. As someone not interested in tabletop play who collects minis for their looks and because I am a big fan of the D&D universe – I don't mind the different base size. Heck, ALL the Gargantuan case incentive Dragons were the "wrong size" apparently until now, so this ain't new. I love White Dragons, their look has been consistent since 2E with the headcrest and spiked chin. The pose is very dynamic, as if it was landing for a quick flyby attack, and I love the paint – the "dirty" yellowish white on the larger scales. White Dragons do get more dirty grey-ish as they age, so this is accurate!

  16. Very cool, thanks Theo! I can't wait to see the black, they have the coolest look!

    You don't have to apologise about taking a bit longer to respond, we know your busy and just appreciate the awesome videos!

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