We could never do these in America…
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Hey I’m JT Kelly! Im just some youtuber from a small town in Kentucky who makes reaction videos, vlogs, pranks, fun challenges and a whole lot more! The main purpose of this channel is to Spread love and happiness throughout the world! So if you want to have a good laugh and listen to my country accent everyday Subscribe and watch my weird life unfold!


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  1. Match days are great in the uk 🇬🇧 it all starts with the pub then to the match singing and loads of banter and then hopefully a win 😊⚽️⚽️⚽️but sadly this bloody Kung flu as stopped us going for over a year now 🥲we all hope to get back for the 2021-22 new season 🇬🇧⚽️👍

  2. “Now this is a song I can get behind, being from Kentucky” I just laughed while taking a drink of tea, I’ve never had tea come out my nose before. That was priceless.. Kentucky must be twinned with Norfolk..

  3. Barmy Army convict song, v Australia they divide the stand into three the left side the centre and the right side and then point at the Australian supporters or the convicts

  4. Welcome to England football pal. We will not only roast you . We will brake you and us brits just dont give a crap unless it involves tea. Chippy and a few others. Any others brits want to add on the list.

  5. I’ve been howling at this, the atmosphere at matches just can’t be beaten… can’t believe my home town made an appearance though. The legs all wave at fatty one is at Croft park for Blyth Spartans 😂

  6. When I was younger and used to travel home from Uni on the train for a visit back home I used to try and make sure I picked days to travel that didn't have a football match. When you're a lone young woman there's little more terrifying than being trapped in a corner seat on a train surrounded by dozens of increasingly drunk (they always drank on the train) and rowdy football fans shouting chants like this for hours on end. I'm sure most of them were lovely and would have stuck up for me if something happened but it's incredibly intimidating.

  7. The club chants tend to be far more abusive than the national chants. The clouds behind the goals are usually worse too. I love watching the games on TV. The chants can be very offensive, which ruins it for families. I prefer rugby crowds. They are far more civilised. I used to steward at Wembley stadium. I rarely felt safe with a football crowd but rugby league & union games I loved. When the American Football came over, those games were great to steward too.

  8. JT two important things, firstly most of these guys are drunk, not American drunk but Nascar drunk and they are still making up chants on the spot. Second don't be ashamed of where you came from because Incest is a game the whole family can play.

  9. adam johnson is a soccer player who played for the team i supported (Sunderland Association Football Club) and he got sent to jail for doing the naughty with a 15 year old

  10. Maybe you don't have quite so much "Freedom of Speech" over in "Yalls" U.S. if you are worrying about cussing. What does "Yalls" mean by the way, even yank dictionary's don't have an explanation ??

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