“As a person you just want to restragize and reintroduce yourself” – Liya reveals why she left DMW

Nigerian singer, Liya has shared her reasons for abruptly leaving her record label, DMW.

Liya, sometimes referred to as DMW’s first woman, talked candidly about her exit from the record company in a recent Echoroom podcast episode.

Even though she released hits like “Lakiriboto” and “Melo” while she was a member of DMW, she believed that her career wasn’t receiving the recognition it deserved.

She was forced to decide to give up the label as a result of this impression.

Liya clarified that her perception that DMW wasn’t giving her profession the proper attention and support was the main reason behind her leaving.

She said she felt the urge to make a fresh start and forge a new route for her own musical career.

Liya expressed her appreciation for the current DMW roster of artists and their endeavours even after departing the music label.

See some reactions to her revelations below.

@sxintoyxter said: “She’s scared and just holding in a lot. Sis doesn’t want drama.“

@Mubbyolateju commented: “Definitely with the promotion..her songs were good but zero promotion.”

@Honcho_Havi said: ”She’s scared of backlash.”

@gOldspot reacted: “Without proper label structure, most artistes signed won’t reach there potential. DMW lacked structure, I hope they do better In the future.”

Watch her speak below.

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