ASA Shot of the Week | Jesse vs PJ shootoff

For the last ASA Shot of the Week of 2020, Mathews pro Jesse Broadwater and CAM’s P.J. Reilly square off in a 3-target, head-to-head match on the Known Pro range at the ASA Classic in Foley, Ala. And the guys took the competition right down to the wire. (Be sure to leave us a comment on how you’d call P.J.’s second arrow.)


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  2. Awesome video. I love all the cutting up like I do with all my buddies. In my opinion that's what shooting is all about. Having fun with good friends. Thanks PJ and Jesse

  3. I would agree with Jesse. Not too shabby PJ….hangin pretty tight with a true Pro.
    Always fun to get some extra bow shootin footage to watch. Keep it coming !!!

  4. What made both of you go with the TRX36 instead of the TRX40? I am curious what you liked better about the 36. I have a TRX40 and I am considering buying another bow and the TRX36 is my first choice, so this is why I am asking.

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