Asa, Teknian & Kasket – Jirachi

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Something different (for Thursday this time). Asa, Teknian & Kasket collaborate on ‘Jirachi’. This will take your mind on a journey.

Available on Asa’s free ‘Withdrawal’ EP out today via BandCamp:
(note: free if you choose to submit £0.00 payment when asked).

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  1. Glitchpop hahahahahah looooooooooooooooooooool Whats that like Dutty slow beats mixed with britney spears and nicki minaj

  2. I have so much respect for all 3 of these artists, Asa in particular has an amazing ability to capture intense emotion in his music, if you'v not heard much of his music I seriously suggest you check it out now!

  3. Why would anyone want a YouTube rip of bass/electronic music at anything lower than 320kbps, because they have crappy computer speakers/headphones XD.

  4. if you have FLstudio, run the track through IL Wave Candy's spectrum and keep an eye out on it at 1:50. you should see something thats 'hard to find' 😉

  5. oooo i like alot very nice, just opened up a youtube account, need some views, check out my channel if u get the time guys,!!!! but this is fucking dope though !!

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