Ashley Solis' statement on Watson 'put everything in perspective' | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Ashley Solis' statement on Watson 'put everything in perspective' | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Ashley Solis, the first woman to accuse Deshaun Watson of sexual harassment, went public and and spoke out, a decision that Mike Florio and Charean Williams think humanized the charges against the Texans QB. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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Ashley Solis’ statement on Watson ‘put everything in perspective’ | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. The real question here is – if this was so well known about that the *entire community* of massage therapists were passing messages amongst each other – how did YOU not know about it? I mean – according to you guys Watson was among the "top 5 least likely people" to be involved in something like this. Your words. So are you journalists or are you cheerleaders?

  2. This is how you destroy your career with stupid decisions. He can be innocent as much he want, he will never be viewed like before and hia draft stocks destroyed immediately. Poor Texans now they need to keep him for 4 years now.

  3. No one I know will quit watching football over this one way or the other but Goodell has been clear about protecting the shield over the individual player in the past, we'll see if he meant it.

  4. Maybe Deshaun hates playing for Houston so much that he's trying to go to prison. Maybe Deshaun will find his dream therapist in prison. Talk about no self control. This man is on a path of total self destruction. I bet money criminal charges are coming soon. Deshaun doesn't need a lawyer, he needs God.

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