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  1. She is sneaky and pretending everything alright with her and him. She has her kids running around with no socks or shoes on the garage floor. That last video. She is now totally doing videos for reactors too talk about.. Hoping it will continue bringing over the viewers.. You can tell she knows better. Just want the views. Trying to pretend she doesn't care what ppl say anymore. She does. She knows everyone will talk. Fitbit watch she mentioned , she bought for Mr. Chris. Never showed it. For talk only. . A new ring set to she has bought her own self. She bought that, fake set. Pushing herself on him. You can see it's not the same for him, feelings. Claims she left Kailyn home sleep, with Chris. He came b/fore she left she claims. She knows everyone will talk about it. More ppl will come to watch that vlog. It was made to give reactors, talking points. The whole last 2 vlogs were. lol She's a con. She knows better. It's all for attention, in the form of viewers. This a new year, so she's trying to be bolder, in her lies. Those kids going catch pneumonia in that cold oily floor garage, on her, and chris fitbits.

  2. I hope she not playing about C 19 because it a lot of ppl have dead from it.. And I wouldn't want play like that because my grandbaby have it and she was about 8mt old.. That nun play about it.. And ppl will do what it take get that money 💵

  3. She should’ve kept that video that she would’ve made a lot of money off of it but she was up in her feelings so she missed out on a payday

  4. Her eyes are infected because she touches and wipes her nasty nose with her HANDS and then touches her face hence why her skin is a mess broke alll out and never heals!!! lord Jesus

  5. 😂😂😂 her eyes was all over the place, she definitely watches your videos lol. Oh boy did you see how she eat that Burger like a whole man. she didn’t even want it just forced herself to eat it.

  6. Damn that thumbnail tho lol. Jazz needs to get herself together. Chris is about to make his exit in a few weeks thats why he just do whatever smh

  7. She love her some " Hips and Lips. She's always sick because of his cooking, him not being there with her, using her car for him and his friends, not taking her and her kids out, trying to be like Chrissy and her man and the list goes on!

  8. Lord I really dont comment and at first was against reactors. But she made neckbones and pizza for new years, Who da hell eats neckbones on new years even crackheads get one descent restaurant or home cooked meal before they smoke they check up. And she really set the basement up for her and Chris. Lord the kids already be locked in do u see their diapers and faces when she finally unlock that door. And that whole firepit shit and everything is like Chrissy Im sorry but the shit is sad

  9. Girl at the beginning of that live. I wanted to slap the hell out of Chris…. Tell that girl she can’t get her Darn Phone…. DADDY YOUR OWN KIDS SIR. His baby momma’s are better than me. THEY WOULDN’T GET NO SLEEP!!!!!!

  10. Hey la,la sis did u notice in the beginning of this here live wit jazz how Chris was talking to Amaya jazz trued to mute it but u can clearly hear him then she gonna tell him she live we all know that she is high functioning but there is no way Chris or any orther man besides their father will talk to my daughter that way remember she said Chris be redirecting those kids nope he’s doing more then redirecting them I wonder how Philip or his ppl feel when they see these livs or videos of hips redirecting their babies

  11. she was lying "through her teeth" in that video omg!!!! she gave herself time to try to make the lies sound believable. she can lie for content but she has to live her miserable reality!

  12. The thing that puzzles me is why Jazz doesn't want to do better. Taking up some classes, cleaning up and decluttering, having plans for 2021 such as traveling. She has such low expectations for a man. It reminds me of people who never go anywhere and they think the water park at six flags is the beach, whereas when you have traveled and seen the world, the water park is filthy. Blue waters and white sand is a beach, not chlorine pee filled water. Chris is the water park. She needs to get out of Texas and see there is so much more to life than HEB and YouTube.

  13. We already established them clowns watch Reactor videos. That's where they get ideas for content. That's all they do is stay on social media and neglect their kids.

  14. Chris was no where in the videos for Christmas, but soon as he knows its another stimulus check coming out, Here's Chris back in the videos SMH!!!!

    Jazz displays narcissism behavior,
    she admires Chrissy so much she takes on Chrissy identity/transforms herself into it as a copy.. Jazz need to study a real course on self love- to her subscribers who read this- PLEASE INVEST IN HER & GET HER SOME SELF ACCLAIM/ ADMIRATION BOOKS- start being truthful with her- help her to become better beyond all the BS SHITS she displays that affect her children..
    I believe she already pregnant again,
    a train wreck for security- the baby doll syndrome a false hope of a finding security producing babies in fake narrative the abuse of self Indulgence/false hope..I believe the random Chris is running scared and nervous at this point, however you played with fire now you might be dancing in it…

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