Barcelona vs Sevilla (3-2) All Goals & Highlights 14.09.2013 Barcelona 3×2 Sevilla

Barcelona  vs Sevilla (3-2) All Goals & Highlights 14.09.2013 Barcelona 3x2 Sevilla

Fc Barcelona vs Sevilla FC 3-2 Resumen todos los goles, Lliga, jornada 4
Barcelona vs Sevilla FC 3-2 Resumen y goles 14-09-2013
Barcelona vs Sevilla 3-2 All Goals Highlights 14/09/2013

1 : 0 Dani Alves 36. / de cabeza (Adriano)
2 : 0 Lionel Messi 75. / con la izquierda (Neymar)
2 : 1 Ivan Rakitić 80. / con la derecha (Vitolo)
2 : 2 Coke 90. / con la derecha (Ivan Rakitić)
3 : 2 Alexis Sánchez 90. / con la derecha (Lionel Messi)


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  1. Why the fuck people have this annoying fetish to cram their personal favorite music in every video they make? Holy shit it doesn't make the game more epic, just pretentious.

  2. There is not a general consensus that Bale is better. That´s your opinion and many people disagree with you. Under the eyes of Premier fans, Hazard is also better than Neymar.

  3. I am Brazilian and I say the seguimte the neymar and a player had in north america and south as the player in Some years come close to the skin, do not forget that Brazil is 5 times campião world and country's biggest export players in the world, if voceis Europeans do not keep an eye on Brazil Brazilian players takes another Cup in 2014 and that burden here in america nobody heard, so good this guy is, the neymar and much like soccer ronaldinho say more it will be higher than the ronaldo ronald

  4. "neymar is world class but bale is TWICE as good" "bale also used to be left back so he is much strong and better at deffending (defending) than neymar"
    well im glad madrid realized bales defending potential! …even though hes a forward…….

  5. anyone who thinks neymar is better than bale is mentally retarded and needs to see some of the goals bale scored last season, neymar is world class and he is only 21 but he is not better than bale SEARCH BALE 2013 GOALS

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