Blackface Shocks 2baba, Releases His Version Of African Queen

#AfricanQueen #Blackface #2Baba
Wake Up Nigeria, September 10, 2019

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  1. Bad, unprofessional and lack of objectivity. He owns the song and can do anything he likes with it and his version is far better than 2faces..thanks to the lady in blue. The rest are just a bunch of biased kids

    Imagine one saying he desecrated the song. Have you even listened to his version or don't we have ears? Or How can he even desecrate a song he created?

    Some pple should never analyse music 🎶. Listen to the the delivery of his version. I will pick it a hundred 💯 times over tufaces.

  2. Look at d view, fool dis guy is saying is not ones dey are riding on him, check his interview, 2face used dere Benz on one of his song and burn it …..u guys part from d lady in blue are fool all except her …foolz

  3. Stupid idiots that are looking for favor from 2baba.. y'all keep saying let it go, if It was y'all would you let it go? Do you know what it means to steal someone's property and make fame and money from it? And the the owner of the song didn't get any accolade. Come to America and try this shit and smell pepper

  4. This balding guy insulting Blackface is not a professional TV presenter. You're not supposed to take sides…you're supposed to be scientific in your analysis. Kudos to that lady in Blue dress

  5. You guys are very very crazy apart from the lady in blue the rest are Fools, you guys can't sing, pleas don't talk to the living Legend like because he deserve some respect, more Blessings and more Grace to you blackface9ja.

  6. You all should be ashamed. Especially the Mike guy, he deserves beating. Kudos to the lady in blue for being objective.

    PS: The third verse on tuface’s version was better.

  7. These guys, no disrespect do you know what it takes to come up with something special? not just anything but a song that was a hit. Com’ on your guy should advise some Nigerian artists to stop stealing other people songs and efforts.

  8. I can see nigerians still on this " nigerian factor" NO BE HOW E TAKE MAKE AM NA E DON MAKE AM this is sad the fact that tuface is lucky in his career does not give you guys to talk black face down. This guy have been crying over years that the song is his in a civilized country they will investigate it and action will be taking. So you guys should talk to black face with some respect.

  9. See ehn . These fools don't know much about music that is where their ignorance begin . Let me tell you something , when you write a song , the same come with melodies , lyrics and some signatures . When someone steal or get hold of the song you wrote the person took alot , Melody and lyrics etc . So the only thing the person can possibly change is the beat or few lyrics , very difficult to change the melody of the song . So people saying he did a cover or version is just a lie , 2baba sang the song the way he wrote it and the way the melody goes . And remember when you are writing a song the beat is not playing it's the beat maker or producer that listen to you then name a beat for for it . These fools are very unprofessional and it's disgusting , check the dislike button it shows how disappointed we are here .

  10. How could a rational reasoning being still thinks that 2face is not talented?Do you have any idea of the level of talent,work, and diligence it takes to remain very relevant till date in the highly competitive Nigerian Music Industry for decades?If African Queen made 2face popular,fine,but was it African Queen that has been sustaining his relevance for over 15years now in the Industry?Over 70% of all 2face's songs shoke and still shakes the Nigerian Music Industry till date.Let us be honest with ourselves, have you taken out time to listen to the 2face's and the Blackface's versions of African Queen. That alone would tell you who the real king is.Eedris said it all when said that 2face is the Plantashun boiz or do you know 2face and Blackface better than Eedris Abdukareem?.Can you compare the extent of meaningness, knowledge and quality in 2face's songs with those of Blackface's?Also,the mere fact and verifiable proof that the whole world accepts 2face's songs is more than a enough to show that 2baba is truly a king in the Nigerian Music Kindom.Let us try to say the bitter truth always and stop the hate. Thank you.

  11. Common sense really no common! How are d 2 songs dsame? Lets enjoy creativity. If it was someone else, u ppl will appreciate it.

  12. Is he wrong for claiming what he thinks is his ? You guys don't have a job, I thought you guys ought to be neutral, even if he takes the whole world to reply, is not you guys business, is his thing dooo, fuck you studio guys times two !

  13. Just because they sitting corporately does not mean they aren’t illiterate. Do more research. Release version of Beyonce’s songs for commercial gain without her permission, even 100yrs after, see if she won’t come after you.

  14. Who are these low life on TV 📺. These idiots knows nothing..
    can anyone tell me any good song that 2face has done, since the plantation boys separation? apart from African Queen

  15. just wait soon things like this people will start paying for stealing contents frm others. it sad yours lots are talking like this. i think he should take him to court. stupid tv men. keep dressing like gay.

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