Blue Demon

Drs. Nathan and Marla Collins are shark experts working on a top-secret government project: to protect our shorelines by creating controlled shark patrols. When their project is sabotaged, the mutant great white sharks are released into American waterways. Out among the general population, the smartest of the sharks, Red Dog, carries a neutron bomb on a mission to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge.


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  1. What is the symbiosis between remoras and sharks?

    The Shark and the Remora have a symbiotic relationship called Commensalism. This means that The remora benefits from the shark’s presence, but the shark is unaffected. The Remora stays along for the ride to catch scraps of food from the shark’s meals, and clean off pieces of the meal from the shark’s body. General Remora

  2. Lol holy shit, I knew this would be in the "so bad, it's good" genre, soon as I saw "Marla's Garden Company" as production co. 😂😂😂😂😂 woooow, that is some baaad cg shark..

  3. Can everyone shut up about who is here because your board or the COVID. Like we wanted to hear how great the movie was not DRAMMA. If you did write that comment about COVID or being board. I hate you. For you that did inspire some of us to watch the movie thank you.

  4. I'm just here to ask do any if the gitls get eaten graphically? And if so at what timestamps? Thats all I'm here to see and don't wanna waste time trying to find them. Thanks in advance.

  5. This movie is NOT kinda Dumb. It is DUMB, 4 STUPID bitches going where they don't belong, doing stupid shit deserves whatever they get

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