Bobrisky Caught Shirtless | Don Jazzy Pregnant Rihanna | Burna Boy Twice As Tall

Bobrisky Caught Shirtless | Don Jazzy Pregnant Rihanna | Burna Boy Twice As Tall. #bobrisky #burnaboy #rihanna

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  1. This boy has ego and pride temper…… my sister dont force him to do what he doesn't want to do, just run away FOR SEEING this big red flag

  2. Such men as for me I can't waste my time with this man just know if you go to his house he will mistreat you my sister for yo dear life.

  3. I love your views on your videos, it shows you have understanding. What you are doing is review don't mind those that don't want to hear your review bcos they don't agree with your ideas.🙂

  4. But the road safety guy is an idiot for risking his life for nonsense. He is lucky the driver was not speeding or didn't hit an object. Why does this garbage keep happening in Africa?

  5. Kneeling down to propose is not African. Let us not make a big deal out of this. If you want to follow the whitemans lifestyle, it is your choice. We are a highly brainwashed race. Let us wake up. Create our own style.

  6. Mind how you talk which one is stop been Igbo people so what you mean is Igbo people is stingy stop those lie you doing all time talk responsible

  7. So you what tribe are you from? All men have ego not only yoruba or edo, it's just a matter of time in man's life the ego will show

  8. Please stop being sentimental on passing judgment so easily. Allow your fans to bring there own opinions too..
    Pls always take your time to go through the comments as to know what you need to work on. Thanks

  9. If she loved the boy she has to collect the ring the girl she don't love the boy that is why she don't want to collect the ring .

  10. Wow sounds like you're in love with bobrisky 👀 you have noticed his glowy skin, and compared to other guys!!! according to you he is way to fly!!! . You are so out of the closet 🤣🤣

  11. Adamslink or whatever you call yourself, what is it with you and Igbo's? Why do you keep on mentioning Igbos in a derogatory manner? You must know that you are an awkward misrepresentation of Nigeria with your stupid accent pronouncing ''album'' as ''halbum'' and ''up'' as ''hup', then subsequently pronouncing every other English vowel with a ''H''. You are just a fortunate illiterate ''presenter''.

  12. My brother I use to watch your post but there is something you must know about love one a black man is always a black man no matter what we should not forget our culture and traditions in African a man is always the end of everything a woman should respect the opinions of the man mean while a man should always do the same not always in the aspects of the guy standing putting ring on her girlfriend finger is the man right to sleep or naked to purpose to her she have to collect the ring must the man Nile down?

  13. You are a fool, see your mouth, he should knee down , what knee down need to do whit love, have u ever married, how many knee down of propose have already collapse, see you head,

  14. What has Igbo people done to u,
    This Adam get low i.Q and his illiteracy is the worst with no shame, bush yoruba boy that has not even been able to eliminate the interior village yoruba accent even though he talks to public everyday, i wonder what he mean when he say dont be like Igbo people

  15. Beside do u know what is killing u people in this country another mans people culture don’t judge another man food is another poison bro

  16. Diz man is time I unsubscribe my self from ur channel…..go to Instagram Nd see white men standing Nd propose to there ladies….Nd my frnd stop talking abt Igbo men…we r not greedy Nd we r not ur mate

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