Whats going on GUYZ, it’s ya bwoyy TREA-STYLEZ, you know da VIBEZ!

BOOHOOMAN X BURNA BOY TRY ON HAUL | FALL 2020 | MENS FASHION. Boohooman recently just dropped their collection with Burna Boy & i managed to pick up some dope pieces from the collection. In my opinion the Boohooman x Burnaboy collection is Boohooman’s sickest collection to date. NO CAP‼️ Watch the full video to find out why. All items mentioned in this video will be listed further down below⬇️

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00:00 – Intro
04:39 – Burna Boy Oversized T-Shirt
06:05 – Burna Boy Denim Jacket
08:00 – Burna Boy Purple Oversized Tracksuit
10:21 – Burna Boy Pink Tricot tracksuit
12:10 – Burna Boy Pink Slider
14:38 – Burna Boy Oversized White Tour Print Tracksuit
16:36 – Burna Boy Oversized Tour Print T-Shirt (White)
18:09 – Burna Boy Oversized Tour Print T-Shirt (Black)
20:22 – Burna Boy Oversized Yellow T-Shirt
22:02 – Outro

Clothing Items in order of appearance:
Burna Boy Oversized T-Shirt:
Burna Boy Denim Jacket:
Burna Boy Purple Oversized Tracksuit:
Burna Boy Pink Tricot tracksuit:
Burna Boy Pink Slider:
Burna Boy Oversized White Tour Print Tracksuit:
Burna Boy Oversized Tour Print T-Shirt (White):
Burna Boy Oversized Tour Print T-Shirt (Black):
Burna Boy Oversized Yellow T-Shirt:


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  1. Your outfits are ICEY ❄️.. the purple was definitely the best, burna’s collection is definitely a vibe
    Love your channel ❌🧢

  2. Yessir! 🔥 I also copped some shit from this drop, I really mess with the quality man. Keep up the videos man, I’m watching as I type this comment but you got a really dope vibe on the video, great personality too! Your channel will do very well dawg keep at it 💪🏿

  3. Nice one. I like how u give in depth explanations on the different outfits, the styling is on Point 👌🏽💯💯 Well done. Keep it up fam 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  4. WELCOME to my FIRST OFFICIAL FASHION VIDEO📸. I know alot of you guyz have been patiently waiting so here i am DELIVERING🤣 & LORD did i start with a BANG💥‼️. They don’t call me “TREA-STYLEZ” for no reason🤪🤣🤣.BOOHOOMAN X BURNA BOY!!!!🔥🇳🇬🔥🇳🇬. Which item/look was your favourite from the collection?

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