Burna Boy And His Girlfriend Stefflon Don Love Up In Lagos

Burna Boy And His Girlfriend Stefflon Don Love Up In Lagos. #BurnaBoy #Stefflondon



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  1. The issue with this lifestyle is it requires a lot of money to maintain but i wish them all the best and let them make more money …..

  2. Burnna boy the only son of his mum, dating hes age mate and shes single mum. I hope hes mum will accept her? Baby mama issues are not easy talk of baby daddys ooh

  3. Datting or marrying a single mum and dad is big issues both will always be dragging each other. A man and a woman without child,I never advice a date and marry both single. This whole love came out immediately burner boy was nominated. She can do anything to have him but burner shine your eyes. Better many girls even richer with connection and love are out there for you. Burner choose wisely.

  4. Caribbean black African women are liberal, wild and certainly not conservative hence why Steff has a grown up kid at her age.
    Burna boy can do better than a single mother who comes with baby daddy issues.

  5. Ya year later still together and her blazing gf too who is the third person in their relationship not once did he ever go to her crib not once that he has ever supported her or hardly liked her insta pic like she does for him she has always forced their relationship and he is a cheater who likes naked dancing strippers and this fool steff allows her self to be embarrassed πŸ˜’ya his family don’t really like her at all πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  6. Looking at the spirit of this guy, he Could only love a Jamaican girl, African sisters are so slow for his spirit. It's obvious he likes his life very intense.

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