Burna Boy – Check and Balance [Official Video]

Burna Boy releases the official video to his latest single, “Checks and Balance”. The video, a collaborative effort between popular music video director, MattMax, and Godfather Productions, takes you through different scenes ranging from the singer being chased by the police, to the dance floor where you’ll see a couple of hot girls performing amazing, sick dance moves. Check it out.
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  1. This guy fits in every music genre. Whatever he sings, it's of value. This is one of the very best artists in the world. Big up African Son.

  2. He also has some sweet taste in dance all his dancers are different and talented and so natural…😘💯✌️🖤I love him biggy

  3. Burna boy has a vybz cartel feel with an Afican feel…i believe both music compliment each other….Jamaican dance and African dance are so similar….i can relate to both and Burn a boy represent both culture too…im so feeling him right now…. both music.. I mean makes me feel so sexual….i lucked up on Burn a when I heard Davido….saw Burna boy name press play and its been a wrap for me ever since…haven't listen to dancehall in awhile…😍😍😍😍….I'm hooked!!!

  4. I remember in 2014 i could play burners song like to part all fay and some pple wud be like,, what tht now u playing, so currently thy usually wondering how i felt n recognized burna so early even b4 they cud figure out his uniqueness! IF U TRUE BURNAS FAN APPRECIATE

  5. Why is he so nasty. All his videos all the girls look nasty. I guess that's what most of his audience likes. Yuk to the nasty girls. I like some of Burna boy songs.

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