Burna Boy – Monsters You Made [Official Music Video] | TFLA Reaction

Burna Boy – Monsters You Made [Official Music Video] | TFLA Reaction

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That fire! Is a channel we created for reacting/reactions to songs and possibly other s**t. We love to keep this going and appreciate YALL for hitting that LIT BUTTON and subscribing to the channel.

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  1. I agree but then at this time we living in is almost impossible to come together and make Africa great because we are so divided and we can't see greatness in each other whenever we see another African we think they are on our land to take what's left slavery messed us up to a point that we don't see greatness In each other anymore we all wanna make it an win individually instead of winning as one Africans if the is one thing that white leaders did to us to turn us against each other because now we see each other as enemies instead of brothers and sisters. ………..

    Correct me if I am wrong but that's a fact

  2. Wish they had found a Melinated singer to sing the chorus. Can't messages be conveyed to Africans Across the Globe without the MZUNGU?

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