Burna Boy – Twice As Tall Exclusive 2020 Interview with Douglas Jekan

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  1. Uncle you did the best interview I have heard with Burna and you engaged him he did not look bored as he usually does with same standard questions that are asked
    From the UK

  2. This is an amazing interview, I think for the first time I got to understand the man behind the music away from the noise of social media. Well done Doug

  3. Always speak the truth for the betterment of the world. Love Burna Boy 👑 he a real one. I remember in 2013 when my friend went to Nigeria and she told me Burna was not popping. I couldn't believe it.
    He deserves everything.

  4. I so Much like Burna for his realness, versatility in music. He is very talented. I've been listening and following since he dropped 'Like to Party in 2012'. Oluwa Burna 🇳🇬🔥🔥🔥

  5. Burna went extra deep and real on this one mehn!! I feel am die pass the Tidal interview sef! Odogwu no be by name #realest a real family man, nah una know yourselves, God really blessed you to have the type of family you have, family wey stubborn!! E good to stubborn o!

  6. Nah always burna dem dey push go front dey fight the battle, he go finish the mission dem go still one collect him glory?! Why dem no go collect mtchewww ODOGWU no be by name!!! Nah burna suppose sing the the FEM sef. #outsider 4 life!! #rocketboys

  7. Very insightful interview—burna felt very comfortable & he elaborated his views very graciously—Kudos Douglas, you set a great atmosphere for a dope interview ✊🏾

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  9. Everything about Burna boy is just too unique, starting from his look, to his music and interview, he is so fucking unique, he is the realest genius artist of his generation out of Africa

  10. Great interview. This Burna’s best interview yet. He explained things so calmly and intelligently. I’ve always maintained that because he doesn’t explain things much, people tend to mistakes his statements for rudeness and arrogance. I love this. Most issues we’re duly cleared up. 👏🏿

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