Burna Boy Vs Davido, Who is The Greatest of All Time ?

This is a Comparism between The African Giant “Burna Boy” And Dmw Boss Himself “Davido” i will be Judging them based on Number of Albums,Awards,Music Stream Numbers,Fanbase and a whole lot more!! You can follow
Burna Boy on Twitter @Burnaboy
You can Also Follow Davido on
Twitter @Davido
Instagram @Davidoofficial
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  1. The African Giant is the greatest greatness is not about achievements its about social change which Burnaboy has done though hits like collateral damage ,Another story where am from etc davido is just a lover boy . Fact its not a debate

  2. Lots of dumbass comments here and none seem to know what good music is. One artist has 5 and the other has 2. I have listened to 2 through and through out of the 5 of the other artist and none through and through of either of the 2 from the other artist cause it's not worth it at all, 2 or 3 tracks from each yeah fine.

  3. Y'all must stop this judgement about who is the greatest…. This is how we are starting to hate our own people .

    I would appreciate to see another way of title of this video.

    All I can say they are both great.

    Let's us love and support
    Africa unite#blackMelanim#

  4. Non of the above. They haven’t even stood the test of time and they both play music for fools. This is their time and it will come to pass. To be the greatest of all times your music should be The type that can cut through ages and when played 20 years from now it will still be considered a hit. Point fingers in the right direction Nigeria and stop being carried away with this buffoonery.

  5. Davido is d goat
    Burnaboy wins
    Nd Mr poster u re a cheat
    Y did u not say burnaboy is d winner of d last one I mean d followers

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