Businesswoman Maureen Esisi lashes out at troll who said her ex-husband, Blossom, “escaped her” following risqué ou


Nigerian businesswoman Maureen Esisi has slammed a troll who commented that her ex-husband, Blossom Chukwujekwu, dodged a bullet by divorcing her.

This comes after she shared a series of photos and videos of herself wearing a revealing outfit that showcased her boobs and hips.

Maureen Esisi lashes

Maureen, also known as Red Vigor, caused a significant stir on social media with these photos, which garnered massive criticism from netizens.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@chiomaangaikedi wrote, “I love you red, you’re the sexiest girl in Nigeria for me but this is too much. Not flattering at all.”

@faramade_arike wrote, “U for no wear anything instead of this na 🌚🌚 going completely naked would have been the best Walahi”

@oyin_mix_mola wrote, “How do y’all feel comfortable walking around literally stack naked in public?”

@mhziz_ohgee wrote, “Your body is fine but it needs some respect nwannem. Showing every thing doesn’t look so nice”

Maureen Esisi lashes

A particular follower, who also reacted to the photos, commented that her ex-husband, who recently remarried, must be thankful to have left her.

“Blossom is now like thank God I escape this one,” the follower wrote.

Maureen spotted the comment and fired back at the troll.

“@onojegbe old woman are you not tired????????????????? Old but brainless! Leave someone’s husband alone and face ur own tasteless marriage!!! Ha!”

Watch the video below,


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