CAKE CUTTING AT BABA KA DHABA | Malviye Nagar Delhi | The Power of Social Media

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Recently a heartbreaking video of a teary-eyed old man from Delhi’s Malviya Nagar went viral. The man runs an eatery named Baba da Dhaba but business had been slow for him because of COVID 19 lockdown. As his video made rounds on social media, the crowd slowly trickled to the food stall that he runs with his wife. It received so much attention that Baba ka Dhaba was a top Twitter trend on Thursday. Various celebrities, food bloggers, social media influencers and many other people went to Baba’s stall and helped him get his business back on track.

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Baba Ka Dhaba : Delhi के Malviya Nagar के इस ढाबे पर अचानक इतनी भीड़ क्यों उमड़ पड़ी?


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  1. Not the power of social luck bhi hai.. social media me bahut se jarurat mando ke videos dalte hain..par sabke video viral nai hote itna..

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