CARDANO ADA: $2-3 Coming, Mary Hard Fork

With many partnerships and huge network updates coming to Cardano, I believe it’s very possible we see ADA testing $2-3 soon. In this video, we discuss why …


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  2. New to crypto, does a hard fork thing mean I now have twice the ammount of crypto? lol. Or is it that the ADA will now be named soemthing else and I have to migrate it?

  3. Tweet a sweet little bird on my shoulder said
    when the richest person in the world
    the best strategy method, CO₂
    is to save
    first dogecoin then
    bit coin both shit coins 😉
    lets go cardano ADA
    it's so easy fly
    open your eyes
    bird gossip is generally reliable

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  5. Loving all the videos! Have tried to look back through and google but just wondering what you use for staking ADA?

    I use BlockFi for BTC, ETH and ETH but struggling to find something for ADA. Live in Australia. Any info would be great thanks!

  6. wtf is up with ADA recently…taking its sweet ass time to go up 🙁 tether took over again and so has dot! very disappointing especially binance coin beating ada hand over fist. At the moment its loosing value arrhhhh

  7. I have a small but diversified portfolio sitting just under 2k but I'll have around 5k to invest soon. Should I safe bet it into BTC and ETH in a lump sum buy? Dollar cost average it into BTC and ETH over the year? Or should I diversify more into Altcoins for better rewards against a big risk? I'm simply looking for general opinions from the community. Knowledge is power and I'm trying to arm myself.

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