Cardano Price Prediction 2021 | Can ADA Make You Rich And Beat Ethereum?

In this video I share my Cardano Price Prediction for 2021. I say very clearly, I am not a cryptocurrency expert. But I am an expert at Investing and Trading Securities, and I tend to be good at identifying and exploiting trends to make a Profit. Let me know what you think of my evaluation of Cardano. I think it shares a lot of the technology that Ethereum also has, and improves some of Ethereum’s short comings. If the crypto bull run continues, we could see pretty large gains in Cardano. Also if anyone has an input on what coins I should cover next, let me know!

Video Sequence:

0:00 – Topic Introduction
1:09 – Analysis of Cardano
3:17 – 5 Things Cardano is Doing Well In
7:18 – Cardano Conclusion
8:36 – Outro

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  1. Your right about a surge we just had a bankers conference amongst 15 major banks for the last three days all i can say is there is a very progressive development between cardano and cryptocurrencies alike that will put digital currency at another level. I am only being smart by expressing what i know was a positive outcome during this conference, your a intelligent community stay in and stake your claim! I have long before this conference.,, DIGITAL MARATHON IS ON!!!! Please do not email me with questions just Blessings.

  2. What is the symbol for cardano I typed it in Robinhood nothing pop up I’m new so some assistance will greatly be appreciated thank everyone

  3. Good content bro, but ETH is not the only blockchain with smart contracts. But agree once Cardano launches them, there's a lot of potential.

  4. no way cardano supply 26 billion is too high compare to kava only 45 million supply at $3 aud, kava should be exploded in 2021 and pass $100/share, ….good investor should look at the share price and supply, smaller supply will get bigger share…..

  5. no way, cardano supply 26 billion is too high compare to kava only 45 million supply at $3 aud, kava should be exploded in 2021 and pass $100/share, ….good investor should look at the share price and supply, smaller supply will get bigger share…..

  6. I can see ada easily doing a 100x by 2026, and possibly a 300x by 2030.
    In 2016, those who missed out on btc went for eth, 5 years later they made more than 150x gains.
    Today who missed out on eth could go for ada, and potentially make similar gains by 2026.
    The thing with cardano is that it's an entire platform where many projects and alt coins could be built on, this is why it has the potential to absorb a big chunk of crypto's market cap.

  7. Great information, but what will it do this year til October?? I don't live in the future 10years. What do you think ..NOW??

  8. According to your other video ETH and BTC will have a price drop a bit later this year. ADA kinda follows ETH so do you expect that ADA will also go down together with ETH? In other words, is it better to wait for buying ADA untill ETH drops or buy it now and be sure? Thanks!

  9. Great video, unfortunately Coinbase doesn't support Cardano are there any others than you are looking at for high growth potential?

  10. with 150 USD/ada in 2026 cardano ada will reach 50 % (4 T USD) of the marketkapitalisation of google company (8 T USD). why? because of catalyst. every 6 weeks by another funding round the ecosystem of cardano will explode with thousands of apps and billions of users (like google play store of today). eventually cardano will even overtake google when people in the masses are awakening to get rid of the f* cencorship that was supressing them in the past. I am excited to see how the battle between centralization and decentralization will play out. and the winner is… cardano. in 100 years looking back we will recognize that google was the "nokia" and cardano was the new android… in 2021. fill your bags with ada, thats all I can say.

  11. New to channel, good stuff. coming from someone who’s been in Crypto forever sounds like you know what you’re talking about! well said 🙂

  12. Great summary on Cardano Craig, Looking forward to having native tokens and smart contracts live in the next 2-3 months to really show what Cardano can do.

    Also don't forget to stake your ADA to earn regular rewards which can help push up your overall ROI

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