CARDANO SURGES PAST $1.00 – Journey to $32 ADA

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  1. What has Cardano done? What is their use case? Do they have their own app like EGLD? Anything other than pump?
    How will they make DeFi better? USE CASE?

  2. Guys buy Cardano NOW..!!! Its going through the roof. Coinbase are imminent and Grayscale are about to announce a big move. Its bullish and we won't see $1 again..

  3. Love the content bro, however I would disagree that theres a conspiracy against Cardano to protect ETH. a lot of the top 20 coins Live on the ETH network and Cardano hasnt got smart contracts yet

  4. It is awesome to have Ben Goertzel collaborating with Charles and possibly bringing AI technology to Cardano. Big things are coming for ADA and AGI.

  5. We are 1 trillion more in market cap in this bull run already than in the last bull run that had a high of around 850 billion, we are now sitting at around 1.75 trillion in market cap. and I think this will keep going up and I see I market cap of 3 trillion or more by the end of this bull run. and as we know a bull run lasts around 2 years so it should end mid-2022 and then we will have a bear market for around 2 years… so that would mean that the next bull run should start around mid-2024 and if we can get a 3x to 5x rise in the market cap then we would be sitting at over 10 trillion $ market cap by the end of 2025.. and Cardano should be in the top 3 coins don't you think Cardano could have a market cap of then 1 trillion out of the 10 trillion market cap.. that would make ada be worth around $32 per ada… So I would recommend hodl all your ada and dollar cost average buy-in until then and just stake your ada… if you sell before the end of 2025 you are mad.. And ask yourself this question how much ADA would you need to own if it was $32 Per ADA to live off the staking rewards for the rest of your life…

  6. People asking about Coinbase. Unibright – UBT is on Coinbase Custody, not everything ends up in the mainstream Coin base market. So ADA may be listed on CB but might end up solely in CB Custody for institutions but thats perfectly fine.

  7. Ok since you were nice enough to ask for a thumbs I gave you one hopefully others are kind enough to do the same 👍🏻👏🏻💰💰💰🇺🇸

  8. So rewards in ADA by staking will not go away? Cardano will always need people staking for the overall decentralization to run smoothly and effortlessly for short and long term correct? Thanks for your content!

  9. CV could you draft a statement to send to all Payment Providers and Exchanges about listing ADA and all subscribers could copy and send that blanket statement to all exchanges. I think a lot more people would do that than take the time to write it up.

  10. I submitted a support ticket to coinbase as well as send a support ticket to kraken asking if they will support Ada staking

  11. ADA is my heaviest 🎒 in crypto.
    It's gonna change my life for sure.
    When ADA hit $20 then I can retire..
    Until then i need to hold on to ball of steel..

  12. Coinbase are going to list cardano. Its part of Charles hoskinson plan. Its part of his algorithm to pump ada bit by bit, month by month till he hits the 1 trillion market cap. Cardano/Charles hoskinson has a great relationship with coinbase, as quoted by Charles hoskinson himself in one of his previous YouTube videos.

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