Cheating Is Expensive | EFCC Arresting Innocent Boy As Yahoo Boys | Wizkid

Cheating Is Expensive | EFCC Arresting Innocent Boy As Yahoo Boys | Wizkid #wizkid #yahooboys #efcc

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  1. You've spoken well bro but I want you not to pray you be a slave of GOD.. the heavenly GOD doesn't enslave that's why we had the access to good things of life ok. If GOD decided to enslave someone can you think of what big problems will befall such a person both on earth and in heaven lol

  2. That is what they do in church, using the name of God to brainwash people , our people has been fool by all this fake juju scammers pastors . All this churches all the biggest problem of africa and the only way africa country can go forward is too ban all church first .. no single good church in whole africa ..

  3. just wear your mask to avoid c19 is not a joke those pastors in African are just after their congregant fake pastors please folks wear mask. Lol Cheating is sweet ?

  4. Its actually not a crime for women too to be successful or both a man n woman be successful….bc the concentratiin has always on the man providing and women wants equal right with men.

  5. I don't know what is going on in Nigeria when this covid-19 came out new all the pastors The Runaway now you are asking you remember not to wear mask you have a plan

  6. Why do always post about pastor what is your problem with pastor haha is too much you are against God bro leave them alone haha every time pastor pastor

  7. They should arrest Tinubu and all the government officials stealing from Nigeria and leave the youth to grown

    Have seen the future and I will repeat that the youths especially boys are working on fighting back especially the so called yahoo boys and those of them in cults and fraternity

    They will hunt all your family’s have seen it in dreams many times it happened in the 80’s and 90’s between the NDELA and they fucking drug guys in Surulere and others

    Humm what a dead Nigeria, please wel Nigeria to British and let them rule it for 50years before the second hand over

  8. What going on with all this gay stuff and trans-gender stuff in Nigeria ? I’m so so surprised about this 🤔🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. Cheating is never a good thing first of all it’s very hurtful, the lies, the disrespect, it makes you feel guilty, like you did something wrong or you wasn’t good enough the trust is broken Adamslink did anyone have ever cheated on you? bc If they did you won’t be saying this it’s good to cheat, don’t matter how smart you are someone will get hurt. It’s makes you have your guard up all the time not to trust.

  10. Adams said "I want to be a slave of God" Lmaoo. I swear make we just keep to the C19 guidelines abeg. God has given wisdom.

  11. Pastor, you are to be ashamed of yourself as a man of God who is leading a flock of poor unsuspecting people .I bet you any money he can't tell the rich that crap. "YOU COVIDIOT"! RELIGION IS ONE BIG SCAM. UNEMPLOYED AND BROKE, PITCH A TENT. Covid19 are making them lose money and that's the only reason why they want the church to be open.

  12. The Bible says to obey the superior authorities that means the Laws unless they are in opposition to GODS word. That minister is wrong he is trying to put GOD to the test.

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