Chioma Davido's fiancee debunked rumours about her breakup with davido in an epic video viral video.

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  1. Abeg confusion and wahala de too much for this world. It’s time to focus more on God’s mercies and salvation because everything na vanity upon vanity. Life is too short.

  2. I just love u chioma. U are the best. U are giving these fools something to worry about. Keep ur ring, wealth, son and ur Davido. Ahead ahead baby girl. E di pain them. U ROCK❤🙏🙏

  3. I want to ask, those that disliked this kind of…….., do all wish Davido for yourselves, relatives or what biko?. Haters everywhere; nawao!!!

  4. My dear Chioma I know what you are going through but I most say you are a lucky woman,you are also a strong woman and also hardworking. Even though all of this is going on you don't care about what people are saying about you and davido, and may God continue to bless you and may he never let you down in the time of your need's and may he also give you all of your heart desire in jesus name. May God put all of your hates down, anyone that say you will not be happy may that person never have peace in his or her life,may there be peace and happiness between you two in jesus name this is coming from christiana Mattia. One of your biggest fans

  5. Just in, Davido is now following one irrelevant handle with the user name ‘azhley2.0’… Perhaps now i believe he’s chasing clout…

  6. Successful people manage and work hard and make them famous possible. Some just want fame and will do anything even buy people to make them famous. But the hard work of people will show in what they do. No miracle how come that preacher want to be famous without work. Let the good work prevail.

  7. You are right my dear they have every Tactics every strategy to train all those on following everybody and follow one person he know of course they will talk about it they are clever and they play us along😂

  8. We are also tired of seeing that engagement ring, lol.whater fiance or girlfriend the fact remains u are single and just a baby mama as the rest of his baby mamas. . Let davido honor u the right way.

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