Claudia Jordan Shares Trump Allegedly Tried To Kiss Her Twice

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  1. If the Black Party is ran like he ran his acts/musicians we in trouble. Because he is going to have all of us sucking dick and broke.

  2. People don't pay attention to these celebs. I'm a Black Man who lives in Texas and our southern border has never been more secure. I will voting for President Trump on Nov 3rd. He has created many jobs by standing up to China while Joe and Hunter have enriched themselves by letting China take advantage of us. Remember the Covid virus came from China not Trump Tower.

  3. P diddy killed his own friend! And is now worth $885 million? His music ain’t that good! He ripped off artists and got them locked into bad deals where he took all their money!still ain’t give mase his money or his publishing but he wanna talk about helping black folk!

  4. Diddy as a party is crazy especially since many Black people under him were not able to profit. I would prefer Black people who have been in the struggle to improve Black lives, not through alcohol or creating billionaires because those numbers are too small and I don’t know where Diddy’s heart is. But I know people who been working in the community on real issues like healthcare, housing, financial literacy. Maybe he should support preexisting groups to build – I don’t trust Diddy.

  5. There dumblamagne goes everything is about the money. Is that why he’s willing to sell his “brothers” down the river?

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