Cobra Kai S3E6 – Tory runs into Miguel/ “Tory you need help”

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  1. 2:03 “Or were you going out with me to get Sam’s attention”

    She literally made him Date her to get Sam’s attention

    She said she would want him back

  2. Tory does need help: help to get out of Cobra Kai, needs to forgive herself on what she started in the school and needs to know that Kreese is using her as an example of what the world is doing to someone like her who is just mad at the world for what luck is coming at the and is turning into a punk who thinks that the people she knew as friends are turning soft cause they can't stand up like true fighters. She doesn't need to be a jerk she needs to see what her anger is doing to her from Kreese's poison words. Her anger is blinding her, if she doesn't look to see what is truly important to her she, then she is lost to both her sick mom and little brother and in the words of Master Splinter "anger clouds the mind. Turned inward it is an unconquerable enemy" if she fights with her anger she will lose at the tournament and the brawl she wants with Sam

  3. I just love how some people here is understanding Tory here I still love Tory she is just hurt inside but I believe deep down in her there is a good side she just needs some help other people don’t understand and just hate on her I understand that they don’t like how she is but she is just hurt and I hope she will get better and to be honest don’t come at me but I kinda ship Tory and Robby please don’t attack me😂😂😂

  4. Wtf?!! What kind of bullshit did he just say after ga apoligy,he cared about them,about their relationship
    What a lier ahh
    I hate caracters like Miguel that like to play the victim every sigle time
    He really been with her but liked Sam and didn't never gave a shit damn about his ex girlfriend back then
    He also asked Sam out in school once he was dating
    He did also told sensei 'advise to a girl' once he advised him to never be defeat
    He wasn't a bad boyfriend or treat her bad,he just treated her as a friend and his feelings for her were have a damn about her
    Bruh,what a lier
    Also how did he dare to call her a crazy
    Now i get it,Sam and Miguel are way too good for each other both act bad with Tory and then make themself the victim
    They deserve each other
    Once Tory deserves someone better

  5. So Miguel thinks Tory is crazy the crazy one is Sam . She dumps guys just like that . like she said "sometimes the scars you can't see are the ones that hurt the most" In s4 I hope Miguel stays away from Sam ,she needs a psychologist

  6. I don't agree with either of them in this scene tbh. It was just a really bad conversation. After this I knew they were never gonna get back together. But one of the writers ships them. So we have hope

  7. If I remember it right, Tory literally asked Miguel to kiss her while he was still pining for Sam. Which is probably why she knew deep down that Miguel is not yet over with Sam and which is why, she's so consumed of jealousy every time Sam pops up in their small circle. To be honest, a girl could feel if the guy is not 100% into them, even if the guy is being loyal to them, like in the case of Miguel. I think Miguel, despite his feelings for Sam, wants the relationship to workout. But Tory is insane. Yes, she has a lot going on with her life, but, I believe that no matter how difficult your life is, you shouldn't be causing trouble for others. I mean, it always boils down to your decision; to what you'd do. Tory don't think, she just acts. On second thought, I think she thought about fighting Sam- from the time she saw Sam and Miguel kissed till the first day of school. That was a long time to simmer down but instead, she was full of rage. No, I think Miguel deserve someone better. I hated Sam for hooking up with Robby, but, I think she and Miguel deserve each other.

  8. In this season I could sympathize with Tory a little because her home situation. However, I don't like the fact she keeps playing the victim card over and over and isn't taking responsibility for her actions. Just because you have a tough life, doesn't give you the right to be a bully for others. Again she technically started that fight instead of confronting Sam and Miguel about the kiss at the party, in the end Miguel payed the price and may not walk again, that just isn't fair. Seriously Tory needs help

  9. Tory is not crazy, I know Miguel wants someone to blame but blame Sam she started it all and is a jealous person. Miguel is blinded by his love for Sam. Tory was a far better, loyal and hotter girlfriend. Sam is a two faced liar that wants attention off boys. Tory said sorry and Miguel just threw it to the side and blamed Tory for everything.

  10. This entire comment sections acts like the world is so fucking black and white and either you are on board with tory or you aren't when the truth is that she is one of the most complex characters on this show. She didn't just hit Sam because of the kiss, it was build up, the kiss was the straw that broke the camels back. Her going through a lot of shit on a daily basis isn't an excuse but it's definitely a reason of why she is the way she is, and unless someone shows her the right way instead of dropping her like a hot potato after a few mistakes she will do what she thinks is the right thing her own way. Change is a process that doesn't happen over night. And … The thing with Sam, her father and the Miyagi Do in general is that they provoke their opponent so much wanting them to hit first so badly to then feel better about themselves because "they just defended themselves". thanks for coming to my ted talk

  11. Y’all might think Tory is a ride or die bitch but personally, I think she’s the one for Miguel. Just wished He would understand her more of what she is going through

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