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This show was beautiful as I expected. I thought I’d get scared but I ended up crying like a baby. Their story was so amazing even if they didn’t have a perfect ending, kudos to everyone involved in this masterpiece.

I hope in the future I’ll have enough time to vid the full show. Totally worth it.

Characters: Jamie and Dani
TV show: Haunting of Bly Manor
Coloring: SunnyVids
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  1. It seems that this tv show and this couple have a unique effect over all of us… we all feel the nostalgia, the sadness, the longing and the wonder… I can't get their story out of my head for sh*t and it's like I'm stuck in time, waiting. For what I don't know… It's just how I feel and I think we all kinda feel this way. Will we ever get over it?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. This video is so well done. Thank you so much. The music, the storyteller snippets and the editting. Omg my heart broke all over again.

  3. Why we have to wait for our beloved to return to us , once they're gone the feelings should've been faded as well, why these memories haunt us every single day n make our lives living hell , why we have to grieve alone n bear all the pain all by ourself

  4. Their relationship is like moonflower- rare and short lived and just like Jamie said "its beauty lies in its mortality" 🥺❤
    The purest love I've ever seen

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