Davido & Chioma Are Expecting Assurance Baby?

Davido and Chioma are allegedly expecting their first child together. Read about it at
In this newest video of the couple, Chioma’s Tommy appears to be slightly bigger. Her face looks bloated like a pregnant woman. If this news is accurate, Chef Chioma will become another baby mama of the celebrated Afrobeats singer.
According to Instablog Naija, Davido and Chioma are expecting their first baby, the assurance baby. The couple who recently had a little getaway in Mauritius during Chioma’s 23rd Birthday last month haven’t confirmed or denied the news. The Afrobeats couple suddenly went quiet after the vacation, and davido has been hands down with daddy duties the last month more than ever, could this be because the Nigerian singer is expecting a new addition to his children?
In this video shared online, Chioma’s tummy appears more prominent than usual. Her face looked a little bloated, just like newly pregnant women. She also seems a bit timid as the camera captures them together, can we hope this is because she has no makeup on?
There is speculation flying that the celebrated love -birds are already married. However, some fans are doubting the theory, knowing how Davido likes to show off his achievements. Also, there is no ring on Chioma’s hand to suggest that. One fan voiced that if they were already married, the whole world would have known about it.
Other sets of fans are saying here comes Baby mama number 3, and Chef Chioma has finally sealed her relationship with Davido forever.
Voice: Noellin
Music: Download Davido – Assurance Official Instrumental (By Speroach Beat)



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  1. She won't be a baby mama but a wife! Yes, David loves showing off but not this….they've been married since but ppl will finally see next year.

  2. Assurance girl assurance baby on the line now and I'm still waiting for the main assurance which is to accept JESUS CHRIST. Love you guys #DAVCHI 💪💓

  3. Chioma, make sure this guy marry u, because if he fail to marry u, no any biafran man will marry u again. Case of "Regina daniel, and this idiot called "chioma, is somehow similar but i strongly believe that "Regina daniel, is far better than this shithole lady.

  4. chioma are not the 1st person in Nigeria to got pregnancy, I don't know why people always talks about chioma an David? you Guy's are just drinking medicine on somebody head

  5. Choima please just be careful because davido doesn't impregnated one girl two times oooo,dis pregnancy may be drawing u near to the end of the love 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🤔🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

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