Davido Meet IG Of Police Betray Endsars Protest | Buhari Speak On Endsars

Davido Meet IG Of Police Betray Endsars Protest | Buhari Speak On Endsars. #davido #endsars

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  1. i Believe you have seen the real video of Davido meeting with IG not this one shown on your channel… plz do your findings before pointing fingers…

    Adamslink Media

  2. This guy Adamslink has always been bias , firstly it's Shake not Chake, Davido must not reason your own way of reasoning you stupid boy

  3. Adamslink we are all Nigerian, how many celebrities have made that bold step? Have you involved in the on going protest? He tried his best please, why didn't others go with him? He is not afriad but being doplomatic and you know his father is a politician too.

  4. There are phenomenon opulence can't give you in respect how you maybe intelligent or dull.I think the young davido wasn't senseless to respond the way he did.Becsuse dealing with the government one need to be cautious.

  5. Abeg you always talks bad about davido are not his age why can't you meet the IG yourself. You always hear to make noise is it only that part of the interview you watched you hypocrite. Is not his fault that he was born rich and worked hard for his money. You and him who is older? Ewu hausa..

  6. Guy you are talking bull shit
    Is davido the Nigerians youth representative. He has tried his best. It is easier to protest when you are with group of people than confronting this men one on one. Mind you not all that is rich and famous has the same boldness to speak anyhow…….

  7. Davido was not intimidated. Do you expect him to be rude when he was asked to drop the camera? People should stop being judgmental.

  8. At least before davido went to see the IGP there must be a demand. Davido wasn't afraid ok. He did his best. Please watch the full video at Channel Television please.

  9. Please Adam I don't think you watch the real video before judging Davido. Go and watch the full video at Channel Television please

  10. What he said is not wrong. End SARS can't affect Davido, i don't think there is anyway way that SARS will stop Davido and embarrassed him. What he's doing now is for he's Fan's. If you think he dinied the protest then you come out and lead protest as well. This is Nigeria use your head.

  11. If anyone is not pleased with what Davido do then let dem go see d president and bcos whizkid called Buhari a fool means everyone has to go d same way

  12. Pls my bro can u take dat courage and see d IG or anyone dat is involved ,at least he made a step and make a point dat SARS must be scrapped,moreover u dnt expect him to start misbehaving in dat office and d protest is supposed to be peaceful and not fighting or destroying property

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