Davido secures the release of arrested protesters from men of the Nigerian Police Force. Watch the deplorable state of the Nigerian Police College and barracks. Protests continue in Lagos, Nigeria as youths shutdown toll gate. Wizkid, Mr Eazi lead protests in London.
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  1. Femi Daniel kudos to u….
    That ikeja police College is a very big mess, mr and my family leave there for 19 years and that was our the place isn't till date.😥😥😥…. No care for them at all 👌👌👌

  2. The hotels had me in tears…
    I felt so bad and wish I could do something to help them.

    Why won't they treat the citizens like trash?!

  3. Daniel their living quarters is not an excuse and should never be used again. Many people are worse of than they are still you don't see us deciding to storm every rich house or harrass every rich person… Many people they have callously mistreated and harrased are not doing or living any better but because of packaging they think otherwise. Even if that person is really wealthy, do they know the struggle and suffering and pain that got such persons there. Let them work hard and endure their hard living like every other public and private servant and get whatever reward life choses to gift them like we all do. Nobody dragged them to become officers, let them respect the badge and stop looking for sympathy were there will be none.

  4. What are you saying Daniel, how can we the people demand for better standard of living for the police, are they complaining????.if they are, they won't be so quick arresting civilians conducting peaceful protest even if they,themselves do not join the protesters.All ,nigerian police care about his taking advantage of the smallest opportunity to extort u and i

  5. The first thing is to make sure that anyone drafted into the police college is going in for the right reasons some of them are just going in for their personal gains it's so sad cuz it takes a selfless person to actually want to protect and serve its people I pray we get it right this time cuz I won't lie to u many have lost hope in this country 🇳🇬 good job Femi what an eyesore the Nigerian police college

  6. We want Sars ended and the officers sacked and so on.

    But i think we are being selfish..Look at d kind of place dis pple lived in for 13months.

    Please, this people are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles and Aunts.

    I think we shld do a reform and education.

  7. If they want to block, they should block the state CID offices, police head quarters, national Assemblies, state Assemblies. Not toll gate. Go to policy making offices and block them from working. Then the govt would sit up.

  8. Good one from all our celebrity. This is a great step to a new beginning. Much love to everyone that participated in one way or the other in Makin sure that protest is achieved.

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