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  1. Amaraaaaaaaa, Jesu! Stay safe ok😂😂 Take care abeg ooo. I felt the lady's pain through the screen. Her anger is justified and I wish David would have left all the "I am famous" package at home before coming to the protest. I saw other celebrities walk through the streets with protesters, so all the cars and what not was really distasteful. I stand with all of you guys to stand against brutality, corruption and bad leadership. #SARSMUSTEND #NOTOPOLICEBRUTALITY

  2. Wow, indeed right in the centre of all the actions. Who is the protest leader? To many captains in that boat, destroying the protest from within in a disorienting way. Leadership, spoke person for the protest. Then with Davido's presence and joint communication, the whole thing would not just make an impact, but it would also be loud for all the right reasons.
    Well done you, on catching all the actions.✊🏿🙌🏿 to the peoples.

  3. I'm with you my fellow brothers and sisters ,its just sad of what is happening i have been watching for some time now , May the Most High intervene and and put a stop to what is happening., My condolences to the families who have lost love ones ,stay safe you all, Caribbean sister here!!

  4. Amara you are doing a great job, you risk your life for us to see what's happening God bless you for this. END SARS
    19:55 please go back ooo we still love you.
    Great job dear 😍

  5. The thumbnail had me on the floor 😂😂😂😂 Amara what is the name of the song that plays as the intro. It has grown on me.

  6. It’s actually getting so real….everybody should please stay safe….we don’t wanna loose any again…..Amara please stay safe.
    #ENDSARS# ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY# this is not too much ask…..my heart bleeds

  7. Why are the holding guns and trying to kill innocent people for just peacefully protesting 🥺I’m disappointed with our system

  8. I see and hear the cries of my Nigerian brother and sisters. I am going to do my part in posting and using my voice for the voiceless. I'm proud to be a Nigerian. Pls be safe Amara God bless ur hard work.

  9. I have cried
    I have prayed
    I am wondering what next. They are killing us left right and center. They keep lying to us. I am angry, I am tired. We need to win this. Kudos to every one of us fighting for our rights.

    Stay safe Amara ❤️

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