D'Banj Is The New James Bond (Top of the world)!!

I totally appreciate Dbanj’s attempt to write good lyrics on his new song ” Top of the world” but I need to understand what he meant by ” I have two lives to live” …I am a little lost, but you don’t have to wonder what lowla and Chucky’s thoughts are

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  1. Fuck off bITCHES DON'T HATE..his always gone be the best in tha muthafuckin AFRica …You dont have to tell hm cos bitch he aint even hearing you..SO SHUT THE FUCK OFF!! #T3AMbangalee

  2. Nice stuff Yomi… If these songs are for sale you might want to put a link to them… It would definately help sales… for those who think they have two lives to live 🙂

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