D'Banj "Oliver Twist" Dance Again, But This Time One-Legged… Literally



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  1. woow girl in pink you rock mann teach your friends how to dance just out of curiosity and dont take any offence how do you balance with one leg?????jw

  2. I blocked you cause you're desperate..haha..stalking someone on youtube, commenting on her video, then tracking down her comments on other videos and talking shit on them? really? you must have been really offended by my diss..hahahahaha go and cry in a corner

  3. why are you stalking me? haha…desperate bitch..i dont have time for illiterates like you and besides I dont fight with ugly bitches..you have nothing to loose…oh and am I supposed to start crying? Go get some education then talk to me.

  4. A supersexy video ! The oneleged Girl is super in all. Movement and body is supersexy. She is top sportative, balance and sexmovement ! Please more of her .

  5. Result. The girl with pink scarf around her waist is the best dancer, followed by the girl with long hair and black top(she has a bum to die for, I love the way she shakes her waist). In the third position is the girl with black short and pink top, the one that came with pot of soup almost spoilt the dance.

  6. thats is so true even with one leg still better than all of them. like wande coal said sum have leg but cant not dance some can dance but they have no leg

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