D’Banj’s Assault Allegation + U.S condemns killings in Nigeria, calls out govt.-Trending w/ Ojy Okpe

U.S condemns killings in Nigeria, calls out #Buhari govt; Police Arrest, Detain Organiser Of Protest In #Katsina; #DBanj Assault Allegation; Black Woman’s video goes viral after she recorded nurses discriminating against her sick child by letting his heart rate drop to Zero; Airlines ban Alcohol on planes in response to #COVID19.

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  1. Show the same level of anger and frustration of institutionalised discrimination in Nigeria, lopsided appointments by Buhari, police brutality and the lawlessness that are common place in Nigeria. Let America deal with her own problems.

  2. I think your take on that video was too simplistic and no where near objective. Your views on the whole US situation also shows you are either straight up liberals or just too intellectually lazy for a robust, all round take on it.

  3. All failures in world system must be talked about and highlighted until correction is done,the Pompeo criticism of the brazen killings in the northern Nigeria,the incessant Fulani herdsmen killings of farmers and the Systemic police killings of Blacks in America.

  4. Please Hello
    Why was there no rage or anger to the fact that Nigerians were killed in this video. I saw obvious antagonism to the systemic racism in USA. Nigerians and Africans charity begins at home. Injustice to one is injustice to all. Please Nigerians lives matter too. Nigerian should know and say that . Please everyone is significant

  5. What this guy is talking, is utter nonsense. Police kills, in America, only occasionally, but Police kills everyday, in Nigeria. Also, terrorists and bandits are protected, in Nigeria, but they are prosecuted, in America. Anybody that is trying to criticizing America, in this case, is just being sheepish, and defensive of an evil government, that is vindictive, ethnic-hating and devoid of any will, to protect its people.
    Thank you.

  6. Beautiful all round analyses!
    To some of the commentators below: Arise News is a news organization, so it must disseminate only facts to the best of its ability. Rufai was making a comment not supported by facts, so Ojy redirected him because they had no facts (statistics) to back up his claim. How is that not a positive action by Ojy, such that some of you commentators are ignorantly getting on her case for mentioning statistics? Tundun brilliantly set aside her bias for feminism to explain the legal angle of that topic (she's a lawyer by training), yet some of you commentators are asking stupid questions of her and confusing an over all brilliant analysis? Based on the comments of some of you here, I now make sense of why defamation could be criminal in Nigeria. Make una grow sense, ojare!

  7. You can't assume defamation without any forensic proofs that the crime never happened.
    Someone could also have made up that tweet.
    Please take caution and do a proper job not presumptuous as always in Nigeria system.

  8. Why is the country Nigeria such a useless country? Musicians use the Police to arrest and detain illegally, politicians do same, Pastors do same. Where is sanity in all of these. Nigeria would soon destroy herself. I think I agree with Nnamdi Kanu that Nigeria is zoo

  9. That tells how useless the Buhari regime has become. I have said it over again that this Buhari regime is the most demonic, useless and the worst government in Nigeria’s history. Not even Jonathan government was this bad. Useless country.

  10. Its the other way round the hole killing going on in nigeria is in Eastern part of nigeria not the northern part of nigeria. America this an chance to correct the wrong you done to the world.

  11. The US is trying to Help ? The crimes they have committed all over the world !!!
    I always wondered who pays you guys wages now I know

  12. Racist is more in Nigeria than US.as Fulanis racism against other tribes in Nigeria…This is why Fulani are the only ppl that carry AK47 and others none. Also CJN, CAS, SP,CNS and so on all the gud positions and you don't see it as a racist then something is wrong with you…

  13. Lazy ppl. You are comparing the killings in Nigeria which ppl are killed like an animal. Just see American the police has been arrested and prosecuted why Nigeria will promote and release without due process.

  14. Trump administration is doing a great job, the comments you selectively read are probably coming from the terrorists themselves because they have their representatives everywhere, as for you journalists you are just blindly following your colleagues in CNN and BBC, so pathetic.

  15. The reaction of some Nigerians to the American government condemnation of the killings in Nigeria confirms why Nnamdi Kanu named Nigeria a ZOO.

  16. If you want to become American journalists pls move to America. Okpe Is there nothing happening in Nigeria that’s trending ?? OMG, Really With all our problems in Nigeria you spent all the time on American news. I live in America and listen to you for Nigeria news. This is ridiculous.

  17. Rufai is the one today who can see beyond the headlines. Don't be carried away

    11:00 There is a difference between prison and jail. May God not judge you only on Twitter. How can you judge without hearing from all sides?

  18. How do you black people treat each other? How do your African governments treat you black people? You guys are not serious. When you are serious, the world we recognise you. In the meantime, you will be disrespected. I speak as a black African against the fake outrage

  19. If you fail to stand for truth, regardless who is affected,it may come back to hunt you. It is always good to join. When the killing was focused on xtians they were watching. This is the time we all regardless of our religion,ethnicity or tribe, come together and stop all this evil going on. The government is highly disregarding the citizenry

  20. Why condem the arrest by the police, why qout Wole Shoyika to make point? you agreed with the people that insult for America speaking on your behalf. U r the problem we have. One American died, every thing boils but thousands died our media are defending for killers. I wish ur families may narrowly escape these killers one day.

  21. You guys are senile and impassionate to the plights of civilians killed in Nigeria. The fact is USA is helping to illuminate what you journalists have failed to do

  22. This is rubbish. How can this journalist (the male) say everyday somebody dies in the USA of police brutality. Where did you get the statistics from?

  23. you want more govt? you want the opposition to be paid by the government run by the people they are opposing and you think that's a good idea???

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