diamond appiah

Actress, Diamond Appiah blasts fake celebrities doing photoshoot for likes and comments

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Ghanaian bleaching ambassador, Diamond Appiah has slammed female celebrities who are overly obsessed with photoshoots which they flood social media with.

diamond appiah

According to the controversial actress cum model, such is senseless especially when it’s done for likes and comments on the gram.

She went on to berate those who think having millions of followers automatically converts to having the same amount in one’s bank account.

“Being successful in life is not about doing stupid Photo shoots for valueless likes n comments on the gram. How much money has ur 1million followers, 50k likes n comments converted into ur bank account?”

“Stop being fooled by those fakers on social media and secure the bag. Stop investing on stupid stuff n invest in business opportunities that generate income cos the last time we all checked you can’t buy a trassaco mansion with 3million followers but definitely can with 3million dollars. A word to the wise #Lady Boss”.


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