"Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Allan To Return!!" | Liverpool v Everton | A Blues Preview!

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Welcome back to TheMightyBlues, In today’s video, Cam is joined by Callum to discuss tomorrow’s Merseyside Derby against Liverpool at Anfield! Please leave a like if you have enjoyed and Subscribe if you are new to the channel and want to see more content regarding Everton Football Club.

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  1. Play holgate and pickford and we are in trouble,they are in dreadful form,l think despite how shite we have been lately, spurs aside,this is our best chance at that shithole without their fans,stop the rot everton and just dont get beat.olsen,Coleman because there is no one else!,keane godfrey digne?l would play nkounkou better/stronger defender,doucoure,Allen,Rodriguezand reluctantly gomes as Davis is a poor player sorry cam you and many others disagree,l just cannot see what you guys can?, richarlson, Calvert lewin,get ready for a long 100 mins mate of dig in and hope type of game,let's hope l am wrong eh.

  2. This would be my Derby Starting Eleven.

    ——————— Olsen (I know Pickers plays) ————
    Holgate ——- Godfrey ——– Keane —————- Digne
    ——— Davies ————– Allan ————- Doucoure ——
    ——– James —————- DCL ———– Richarlison —–

  3. This is the "Last Chance Saloon" game to prove the critics (ESPN, Betting Sites etc) that we are still a relevant side to watch out for.
    With a win at Anfield on Saturday we can at least pull two points behind Chelsea and West Ham, both sides which we have yet to play still, and at the same time inflict more Misery to the Red Shites, who will be level on points but with one game more played than us. But we all know this Dream won't happen, we'll find ways to botch the Derby again, and fall behind all the way behind to Top 9, and into irrellevancy. it is frustrating, but thats Everton for you. Unless a Miracle happens tomorrow I'll refuse to watch our games. Sorry, Pal…

  4. I'm unsure of this one? I hope we can get something out of the game, something at least for prides sake say!
    I'm not expecting anything different tbh but still..


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