Duncan Mighty Accused Again? Williams Uchemba's Story! Etinosa On Spending A Night With A Guy



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  1. The guy died at the spot so how did you know that he is 65 years old??? Sometimes we need to be smart on what we're saying ok because you make no sense

  2. My guy, what's this bullshit Duncan mighty beating or not beating his wife for?.. I thought I heard HIS wife?..
    What's our biz with that na?.
    Na new thing to beat person wife??.. To me Duncan owns nobody any xplanation whatsoever…
    Gimi next news jorr 🙋

  3. yes…i believe duncan can do something like that…because he was a cultist during his university days and he killed alot of people……he asked for forgiveness in one of his old song..

  4. Even if he beats his wife which is wrong tho but he is a human like every other person , if they have issues they should go fixed it up themselves, many of them that is shouting wife beater ask more them if their husband of boyfriend does not beat them as for most men that also say too , if they have not laid hand on their wives or girlfriend too , na only Nigeria you to see person way never eat since morning they laugh who they hungry

  5. The question is who beat his wife and why his wife face swallow men shouldn’t stop beating women, women are too precious to be beaten

  6. I think the picture of the said Duncan mighty wife was Photoshop becos if u check the wall paper very well and that of the wall of when the formal bbn housemate visited there is a big difference its all stones but different pattern

  7. For Duncan mighty is a wicked man even when he wasn't a celebrity, let just forget about him being a celebrity, he may later please with his wife not to said it out .Never trust anyone .

  8. Williams uchemba is not up to 29 years old ….I use to watch his movies back then , I was following him on Instagram I never knew he was that kid back then until he post it him self…me am not even up to 27😎

  9. She can't come out. He is making more money now and she might not want to be the reason for people hating him.( I believe he hit her tho)

  10. Ducan mighty should tell his wife to make a video about this story…If his wife don't make a video about this issue that means he beat her wife

    We need prove

  11. He should ignore it, because one cannot explain what others imagine, if you start react to everything people throw out there, then this will be is new job instead of singing because there will be so many of them that you will have to work full time on it….

  12. At its stand now bro about Duncan His wife should help him overcome haters by coming out to say something about the falsely allegations because if she don’t I’m afraid ooh people won’t believe him…

  13. Duncan mighty said it all…he was in Lagos and his wife travel with his kids for holiday..he can't be in Lagos and the picture is showing diffetent location
    Not all rumor should be address as long his wife did not come out make we leave am like that

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