Edens Zero Anime Trailer REACTION FT YourTrueCaptain & JetTheProphet

Anime trailer for edens zero pv dropped. I am here with youtruecaptain and jet the prophet and we react and give our thoughts to the new edens zero anime trailer. This is my edens zero anime trailer reaction ft yourtruecaptain and jettheprophet.



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  1. This series is so hype, glad you actually considered what I said and read it man. I'm so hyped for my boy Weisz Steiner and Hermit Milon, she's a goat.
    Can't wait!

  2. I love fairy tail to death but this is copy and paste with his previous designs, I mean it’s good he’s starting on a clean slate but this doesn’t mean it’s going to be better lmao I personally thought fairy tail was fine on its own

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