Eedris Abdulkareem to Burna Boy; "Stop Being Heady & Respect Davido As Odogwu of This Generation"

Eedris Abdulkareem to Burna Boy; “Stop Being Heady & Respect Davido As Odogwu of This Generation”


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  1. edris you are finished. your career is doom as far as edo is concern. you make noise too much. without nothing. God is watching you. go and check why the world is against you? is because you have wicked heart

  2. Dis man just dey Vlabagested ..what are you singing lectural.. na Racis and jealousy go kill you ..Think but if not u can tink pls reason …Ode idris ..mumu you be ..go laylow …Fire Burna fire you ..@Burna boy Odogun…I beg idris must read dis jaga man poor

  3. Im not even bothering to open this post, just came here to thumb-down and post this comment. *Not one who thumbs posts down but know I have to now.

  4. Senior man I'm really appreciate ur well doing keep it real God bless you more than Wat u want ur word is very good to listen. Especially when you talk about if you see someone dat has talent you should take him along thanks for dat conversation.👆👆👆👌👊👏👍👑🔝🔛🔜💯💯💯🎙🎤🎧🎼

  5. Sometimes u will say the fact, at the same time still misbehave. You're an elder to them beside they're of same age so how do u expect Burna to respect David and Burna song is far mature to David but i still love both so talk like a grown up man; they're both doing music .grow up and stop taking skeptical 420

  6. Eedris is truly a freedom fighter right from day 1,,,, bro please stay away from these evil politicians and continue with good job we all know you for ✌

  7. Must this guy talk down on everybody thinking he knows best. Burna boy is the giant of Africa deal with it . He said his odogwu and you said it’s Davido. Go and sit down .

  8. anyone who isn't inclined to hate on Burna Boy can tell his energy shifted once the interviewer asked his Grand father why he wasn't paying the band. If u know mainstream western media, u know what that was about. Burna Boys disregard was for the interviewer.

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