Elvis Found Alive

The most stunning documentary of the year,”Elvis Found Alive!” – In this mockumentary spoof of Elvis theories, ELVIS has been FOUND, ALIVE! After visiting Graceland, Director Joel Gilbert made a Freedom of Information Act request for US government files on Elvis Presley. Incredibly, documents arrived from the FBI revealing an address for Federal Agent “Jon Burrows,” Elvis’ 1970’s alias, in Simi Valley, California..



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  1. Good God let the man be in heaven's peace. When we die, guess what? God favors no one,not even the talented one of a kind Elvis. It's a sin to worship a human being,especially a human being that's been dead past 43 years. Where ever Elvis is,may he be in heaven heaven,he would not appreciate people worshiping him….not allow him to rest in peace. I adore Elvis my parent's adore Elvis, everyone in our family adore Elvis but,,,we are not delusional. Shame on you for practicing Blasphemy.

  2. Keeping elvis's memory alive is so different then faking his very existence like he is still alive and didn't die in 1977… Tony

  3. I was and still am a huge fan of Elvis and when I found out that he died it was just devastating to hear such tragic news about a King who was told he'd live forever but he may rest in my heart and everybody else's heart and in Gods heart. King and God are a perfect match to be together at this moment

  4. All these haters and doubters can kiss the whitest part of my @ss Elvis is Alive. No dreamland sayers is going to change that fact.

  5. We know for a fact the crooked FBI would never mess up on hiding anything !
    — If you look closely at the hands on the hidden “Elvis” the skin is to tight smooth and young looking ! It’s completely a fake documentary! I did enjoy it though It was very entertaining.

  6. This film is very well done, it's obviously scripted, in parts it uses the words Elvis has used in several interviews over the years……but, there is new stuff too, being English I had never heard of the links between Barry Soetoro (Obama) and Bill Ayers of the Weathermen, since I first watched this film over a year ago, I've done a lot of research into it and have no idea why it hasn't been more talked about in America. Last year IPOT, In Pursuit of Truth, a You Tube researcher/journalist, did a couple of hour long videos on the subject of Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, their rich backers and their infiltration of the education system and much more, I'd recommend anyone watching them.

  7. At the beginning of the movie when the investigator turns up at Barlows home and chats to him (Elvis) through the door sounds like Nicolas Cages voice

  8. I Believe & Feel Deep Down Inside That You Are Very Much Alive Elvis And That You Had Too Do Everything You Said You Did For A Reason..I'm Glad Happy & Safe I Love You Elvis * J * W *

  9. How stupid!!! Elvis Presley past away 1977, remember it very well,, that was really him in the casket,, he was a good person, and all things die even the famous,, but Elvis was a special person and what a gift god gave him,,

  10. I always check my facts before telling someone anything. & i do know all my Elvis history. if you are a true Elvis FAN you should know exctally what i am saying to you.

  11. Elvis is NOT ALIVE. As much as so many wish he was. He is NOT ALIVE. Look at size of him the last show. Yet he says here he hid in the closet, scalled down the wall and hid in the poolhouse for 2 weeks. Sheeshus let him R.I.P.

  12. people this is no joke this documentary really is ELVIS PRESLEY HIMSELF. If u are a real Elvis fan u would know this is ELVIS voice & it is NOT a hoax. Everything on here is DEFINITELY true. Elvis Presley is now ron jesse. Elvis sacrificed alot for us. He had to go under a witness Protection program to protect his family. do to bad people that were after him.. ( operation fountain pen). all Elvis fan around the world would know this. And also ELVIS faked his death to protect his family.. He is NOT buried at Graceland. And the Elvis in the coffin its not Elvis? why does he look 15 instead of a 42 year old? what i 'm telling u is the TRUTH , about Elvis Presley i can go on and on this is a puzzle that u your self that u have future out for your self. its a journey..
    but what im ABOUT to tell u is that Elvis = TRUTH =ALIVE YES ELVIS PRESLEY is ALIVE TODAY!!!

  13. Great movie made ya feel good tp think he was still alive. But that's all it is. The man died 8/16/77. Let him go hes gone and he aint coming back.

  14. He was found Dead under a bridge in San Diego, in 2015,
    He was known as Jesse.
    They didn't know,
    Who he was, until they perform DNA, that linked him to the one and only
    Elvis Presley.

  15. Well, the beginning just sounds like someone impersonating Elvis and just reading stuff Elvis had previously said in old interviews and it is unlikely the head and body in the casket was something they just threw together, why would an old Madam Tussaud's head have been expressionless with it's eyes closed? and the body apparently had hands that must have looked reasonably real. But when they started talking about the Weather underground, the Mafia and the National socialist take over of America, Barry Soetoro, etc, well, we now know just how true that was! I'm pretty sure JFK Jr faked his death to help take down the people who killed his dad, why not Elvis as well? It may or may not have been an actor talking through most of the film, but at the end? I'm not so sure, that actress didn't look like she was acting.

  16. We will always love you no matter what. I understand, so many depended on you, you were pulled and stretched in so many ways and directions, couldn't go anywhere like everyone else,had to be on a schedule,had to be here and there, people always watching you. Judging your every move. So many counting on you for a living, some even saying hurtful things, and some so called friends laundering your personal life all for public to see. This day and time people don't care about any wrong decisions that were made years ago. There's still time to make things right.I grew up watching you.besides Elvis little golden nuggets walk among us.long live the king of rock. And remember the true king in Heaven

  17. Can't you get Trump to pardon you? You don't need to worry about fans forgiving you. Most everyone understands. We love you so much.
    I heard you say, in a letter to the fans, that ppl don't care about you–that we only loved the image–that we didn't know Elvis, the man. I have news for you…i knew you better than you knew yourself. I know you never got over mom's death.
    I love you so much. I felt the sadness, the painful loneliness you were going through. I cried when Priscilla left you. And then you died. I have cried so much in the last 41 year's–enough to prob fill a swimming pool. And now I learn you are alive. I'd be angry if I weren't so happy.
    E., I pray you get your pardon. But if I never see you again, I wish you well. Be at peace.
    I've loved you all my life. I call myself an expert on Elvis trivia. I hope you accept my FB friend request.
    With love,
    Kim Newton

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