EndSARS! Davido Apology After Meeting With IGP | Wike Ban protest | Wizkid

EndSARS! Davido Apology After Meeting With IGP | Wike Ban protest | Wizkid . #endsars #davido #wike

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  1. Adamslink You just showed your SARS part of you. Just like SARS you judged a book by it's cover. You're now trying to explain your lack of commonsense. GOD HELP YOU

  2. Adamoshomole u don’t start u stupid analysis again this not the time to put blame on anybody
    U are part of that lazy youth site their and talk rubbish go out there and join the protest and stop drinking.

  3. Please oooo Government should just deploy the so Call SAR to Borno State to fight BOKO HARAM because the governor of the state need said he need them.

  4. Adamslink shut up. U can start a protest. Nigerians should learn to appreciate. We have representatives in the House of Rep and Senate, What are they doing? U are older than Davido, start a protest with your fans or remain silent!!

  5. Adam links u wld hv gone there to tell him what to say. someone risked his life to come out to speak and u are sitting in ur studio to find fault dts unacceptable

  6. Did you go out to join the protests or all you do is check what people do.. I beg davido have tried if he even denies it..because do you want to davido to for you

  7. I am not a fan of Davido..pls ppl should not criticize him so much…he tried by putting his life on d line..forgive him ppl… Peter denied Jesus, so what d heck…he's not a saint after all…we r humans never perfect..

  8. This is opportunity to all Nigeria to protest for everything they want against this government the government are taking load from them we need good government in Nigeria that is what they would be protesting for now God bless Nigeria people

  9. You are not a good blogger u are too quick to judge a good Muslim doesn't do that i used to rang u above all others but I realized u are not better than the all opportunist online noise maker.

  10. Davido want to be in the lines light of this protest is noting that started the protest we know the people that started the protest kudos to OMOYELE SOWORE And Runtown falz the bad guy Rude Boy of P-Square tiwa Savage this is the people. We have to praise they started it Andre Rison know the woman it was in Abuja that woman is so great thank you for all Nigeria people

  11. Adams you pissed us up by the way you said about David knowing hopefully that you yourself can't face the crowd not to talk of facing The IG and yet saying your mind David you thumbs up

  12. Bros watch ur comments d way u say it, telling ur fans or subscribers that if their father or mother is part of the people protesting they should be ashamed of themselves. There are better ways u should have condemned those men and women, thank u. Advice, just don't be too personal when criticizing. Actually those old men and women are terrible they are the ones that deserve slaps because they will be d one to say the youths are quiet

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