#EndSARS ; Davido Meets IGP, Recounts Experience With Police, Lists Demands

Afro-Pop musician David Adeleke popularly known as Davido today the 12th of October 2020, met with the Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu at the Force Headquarters in Abuja upon the invitation of the police. While meeting with the IGP, Davido narrated his ordeal in the hands of the police, explaining to the IG that the problem of Nigeria is truly beyond SARS. He also mentioned how an acquaintance once paid the police to come over to his place which led to them shooting and demanding his presence outside of his residence. He said he escaped by running over to his father’s house. He also mentioned that the ban of SARS hasn’t been felt on the streets of Nigeria as SARS operatives are still actively operating. He thanked the IG for listening to the cries of the people, while also listing other demands of protesters. He also advocated for better welfare for Nigerian police officers.

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  1. Thanks to you David for dey love u add to this protest of sarz been killing our youth,may God gives you da strength u used to cover dey youth of this country

  2. Hey Davido build a sneaker factory in Nigeria and encourage your American artists and athlete friends to hire you to make shoes for them. Sooner or later you might not want to make music again. You can be better off than Nike and reebok. Be the light of Nigeria create jobs your influence can make a difference now. A

  3. I love, the way he stated all the demands. They think, they can toil with the youths of this generation? Na only una family sabi better thing? Our parents, suffered and endured hoping for the government to get better. We will not take that root. We will take our country back, and the wealth in it. Otherwise, non of the children of this criminals will rest in this world and beyond.

  4. Grateful that Davido is using his influence to support the people.
    The issue in Nigeria is a lot of things.
    SARS is just a domino effect of other issues (selfhate + trauma inflicted by the system)
    The true wealth are the people because without the people the money have no value (ironic).
    Money is just printed paper given value.
    I beg Nigerians to start loving ourselves because most of our traumas is because we hate ourselves which make us hate our reflection (those that like us).
    Time to end the killing & suffering in Nigeria

  5. Training on emotional intelligence.
    Those guys don't have passion for the job.
    The recruitment process is faulty.
    IG should go and learn work from Nigerian navy,those guys are well organized not a bunch of thief called police

  6. Even still speaking for police welfare that's nice really, the good police officers should be grateful to Davido for even soliciting good welfare for them.

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