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  1. For the first time Nigeria youths are united this brought tears to my eyes we can not be silent nor oppress for ever the time has come for us to stand up for our right , the time has come for us to demand for justice , a good governance, a secure society, good health care and social amenities, Nigerians this peaceful protest will continue until we see changes in our country a corrupt free country.

  2. God bless the youth of Nigeria, education is power. In 2002 a friend of mine lost her husband in the UK and the brother's of the husband arrested her parents and kept them in detention for weeks, alleging she and her family was responsible for his death I couldn't believe my ears when I learnt of her predicament.
    It took the weight of the Uk government to realise them.
    By then, the rest of the family have paid over 2000 pounds equivalent in bribe. They where later released without common apology. That is the state of brutality in that country.
    May God almighty fight your battle for you all in Jesus name Amen.

  3. I cried watching this video especially seeing a lot of the celebrities joining this struggle and not jetting off to other countries where they will feel more safe. With God of vengeance and justice on our side, we the poor masses will win this battle Amen!

  4. Na wa o o oh The youths are waking up.The country belongs to the people.The wickedness in that country Nigeria is becoming too much.Even rats are not killed the way humans are killed by SARS and POLICE.
    Enough Is Enough!!!👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  5. This is so cool….it gives me so much joy watching Nigerians do this, I have said this before, I have never been prouder 😢😍

  6. In my own opinion, I think we the mothers ought to be on the streets too cuz we are the ones feeling the pains from the time of conception to the time of delivery. I can't imagine someone killing my child.😠

  7. Every successful civil rights movement always has leaders or a leader. Let them get people to lead this movement. People to represent and dialogue on their behalf else this will soon fizzle out and the status quo remains.

  8. Thank God for finally giving our the strength and bravery to face the injustice that have been going Nigeria.
    But youth PLEASE stop eating their cow, its more than the physical cowing you are seeing, do your research to confirm

  9. This is what i have been clamoring for years Nigerian celebs should use their influence to persuade positive change in its own nation CAUSE those Nigerian citizens made u whatever u are u don't sit on the fence and act like its none of ur business .

  10. Good showing from these young people. I hope the world is watching. I shed tears for my people. How did we deteriorate to the point of killing innocent children leaving families devasted. God save His people.

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