Episode 1: WELCOME!

WELCOME, one and all – ladies, gentlemen, and others, my name is Déjane and this is my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

This channel is going to focus predominantly on growth, of all kinds, in both your lives and mine. A lot of us are waiting on these great things to happen to us, things that won’t be happening if we’re not in the correct mindset to receive them. So, let’s get there together.

Check out the playlist I placed at the end of the video. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Channel Handle:
Instagram: Talk.taboo

Personal Handle:
Instagram: deja.taughtyou

One Ticket by Kizz Daniel
On The Bow by Burna Boy



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  1. I enjoyed that video my love 💓😀 Looking forward to many more. I'd like to commend you on taking that big step to create a channel. I'm super proud of you. I also have many ideas to throw at you that you could speak on.

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